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Ohio Police Extend Their Care To A Surprising Member of the Community

Most people would say that the role of the police is to serve and protect the human community, but one Ohio police department believe that their duty goes beyond that.

When officers at the Parma Police Department found a mourning dove had made its home in one of their back-up cruisers, they wanted to make sure that the bird was offered the same care and protection as the rest of the public. The dove, named Gerty, had nested at the base of a police car windshield, and had even managed to lay two eggs in her new abode.

In order to make sure Gerty’s home was a comfortable one, officers such as Lt. Kevin Riley have been taking care that she isn’t disturbed, going so far a adding an umbrella to the car to keep her dry and offering a water cup to keep her hydrated. “Our officers are human beings just like anyone else,” explained Riley, “We care for all lives, human and animal.

Watch how the PPD have made Gerty’s new nest extra special!

Posted by Francesca Bonfiglio on 24 June, 2016 Ohio, parma police department |
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