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Police Officer saves young boy from drowning

Imagine being saved as a child from a near death experience…

As a five-year old boy, Christopher Jones very nearly drowned in a swimming pool in Ohio. When police officer James Poole arrived on the scene he was told that Jones had been under the water for 15-20 minutes. After Poole pulled Jones from the water he found that his heart had stopped. Poole took quick action to revive the boy and save his life.

When Jones grew up he wanted to show Poole his gratitude in some way. After seeing a photograph of a reunion of officers on the Columbus Division of Police Facebook page, Jones noticed Poole’s name and decided to pay him a surprise visit. He brought his young daughter along.

"Because of you, I'm still here," Jones told Poole. "Because of you, this 5-year-old little girl right here is here."

Poole was overwhelmed with emotion and knew that his service hadn’t gone unnoticed.

"Law enforcement is definitely a rewarding job," Poole said to Jones. "You are a perfect example of the reward that we get out of it."

Police Officer James Poole with Christopher Jones


Posted by Ajay R on 28 September, 2016
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