Raynaud's Awareness Month

The month of October marks the beginning of Raynaud’s Awareness across the United States. Raynaud’s is suffered by many and causes parts of your body – most commonly the fingers and toes – to feel numb in response to cold temperatures and/or stress. According to the Raynaud’s Association, approximately 5-10% of the American population suffers from the disease and many of the sufferers, four out of five, are women.

As the weather is getting colder, many Raynaud’s sufferers will be struggling to keep warm and be comfortable. There are several ways for sufferers to keep warm to avoid a cold attack:

  1. Avoid sitting for long periods of time: Sitting for long periods restricts blood flow around the body. Make it a priority to get up every 10 mins to move around to get the blood flowing. You may want to perform some light exercises as well to help with circulation to avoid an attack!
  1. Wear warm clothing: This may be a no brainer, but always dress in warm clothing, even when you’re in the house. Warm clothing will help trap warm air close to the skin and help avoid any flare ups. Heat Holders® thermal socks will keep your toes toasty and you can even wear them to bed to keep the warmth with you all night!
  1. Layer clothing: When going out in the cold, wear several thin layers of clothing rather than one thick layer. The air trapped between the several thin layers will help insulate the body with warmth. Thermal tops and bottoms are great and can be worn underneath your clothing to trap the warmth against your skin. As well, don’t forget to wear a hat, as considerable amount of heat is lost from the head area, along with gloves to protect the fingers.
  1. Eat plenty: Believe it or not, the amount of times you eat can help keep your body insulated with warmth! Make sure to eat plenty of warm foods and smaller meals throughout the day to keep yourself energized and your heat levels intact to brave the cold.
  1. Warm the bed: Before getting into bed for the night, warm up your sleeping area with a hot water bottle or an electric/thermal blanket. Wear warm night wear to bed as well to avoid a cold spell and to keep your heat levels up all night. A warm bed means a warmer you!

Raynaud’s can be difficult to live with. Heat Holders® has received many positive reviews from people suffering from Raynaud's. Share the warmth of Heat Holders® with a Raynaud’s sufferer to make their life warmer!

For more information on Raynaud’s, please visit Mayo Clinic.