Spring is making its way in as winter makes its way out. With spring comes excitement for spending days outdoors hiking and taking in the the fresh crisp air, rivers and waterfalls and the green grass! 

While enjoying your spring hike, keep the following tips in mind for a stress free adventure. 

1. Wear proper clothing: Although warmer weather is here, spring days can still be quite chilly! Especially when hiking in forest trails, it can be several degrees cooler. Pack warm clothes and full rain gear. To keep you feet warm, our Heat Holders® Ultra LITE socks will do the trick. They are thin enough to be worn in your hiking shoes and provide warmth for your feet better than regular cotton socks. As well, our Warm Base Layers will keep you warm in the spring chill. 

2. Stay hydrated: Hydration is key for a successful hike. Make sure to pack plenty of water bottles to keep you going through the hike. Schedule in regular water breaks to give yourself time to re-hydrate and ready to conquer the trail! 

3. Check weather conditions: With spring comes a lot of rain! Before heading out to a hiking trail, make sure to check the trail and weather conditions. You don't want to experience a down pour mid hike! Additionally, some trails may still be thawing out from the winter. Be prepared for any icy patches or frozen river streams. 

4. Use an insect repellant: Although you may not experience a lot of insects in early spring, it's better to be safe and protected. Spray insect repellant on exposed skin before going into the woods. It'll help keep pesky bugs away and prevent you, and others, from getting potential bug bites. 

5. Wear Sunscreen: You've probably heard of this plenty of times, but wearing sunscreen is a must to protect your skin! As you'll be out in the sun for quite sometime, wear sunscreen to protect yourselves from a potential sunburn. You'll thank us later! 

6. Have Fun: Last but not least, just have fun! Winter kept us indoors for way too long, now go out and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air! Get in the spring spirit and enjoy the season. 

Heat Holders® would like to wish you all a Happy Spring!