Spring Time Fun!

Excitement is in the air as Spring is here! As the cold withers away and we welcome warmer weather it's time to be outdoors and enjoy what the Spring season has to offer. 

Here are a few ways to fully relish the spring season:

1. Enjoy seasonally available foods - Appreciate the spring season for all the fresh fruits and vegetables it provides. Depending upon what climate region you reside in, now is the time to enjoy the local fresh produce that is available - like strawberries, mangoes, artichokes and asparagus. 

2. Spring cleaning - Take a few days to declutter your home and start fresh! It'll help you get organized for the new season. 

3. Go hiking or for a walk - As winter may have locked you indoors, now's the time to head outdoors and get your legs moving to soak in the pleasant weather.

4. Soak in the outdoors - Drape a blanket on the grass - Heat Holders Outdoor Game Day Blanket would be perfect! - and read a book, study, talk or enjoy a cup of coffee, while enjoying all that Spring has to offer. 

5. Start or clean up your garden - Now is the perfect time to clean out the garden and get it ready for the warmer months ahead. Don't have a garden? It's never too late to start one! Add color to your landscape with beautiful flowers and shrubs to make it Spring ready! 

How do you enjoy the Spring season? Share pictures with us on social and tag @heatholdersusa!