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Class donate school trip money to fellow student who lost his mom to cancer

Schools are a place of learning and building friendships but this one particular school demonstrated the importance of working as a team when another person's needs are greater than their own...


Ohio Police Extend Their Care To A Surprising Member of the Community

Being a role model in society means caring for all individuals great and small, as one Ohio police unit have show...

Dallas Shows Just How Big Texas Hearts Are After Tornado

We can't help what Mother Nature throws at us, but we can help how we help each other afterwards. Read all about how these inspiring individuals have been helping each other in times of need...

California Community Revives the Christmas Spirit for Elderly Widow

Christmas is the time for sharing and coming together as a community. We loved reading this story about a lady in California who struggled to get into the festive spirit....

Kids invent a new way to help others make new friends

Going that extra mile to make others feel happy is our favourite thing to do at Heat Holders HQ! Click here to read a lovely story we read today about children at a school in Pittsburgh who are looking out for each other!

Michigan Restaurant Spreads Hope For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to focus on the amazing things in our lives and the importance of sharing. Click here to read an amazing story about one Michigan restaurant owner...

8 year old creates local newspaper for community

Find out what 8 year old Hilde Lysiak does as her after school hobby.....

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