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Class donate school trip money to fellow student who lost his mom to cancer

Schools are a place of learning and building friendships but this one particular school demonstrated the importance of working as a team when another person's needs are greater than their own...


Adorable penguin given wetsuit to combat feather loss

There's something about penguins that instantly relieve any bad mood, but this adorable penguin and her custom made wetsuit will be sure to make your day...

Posted by Ajay R on 04 November, 2016 Adorable, Heat Holders, inspirational, Orlando, penguins, SeaWorld, USA | Read more →

Dad builds amazing Halloween costume for son

Halloween has got to be the most celebrated holiday during the year, to the point where parents compete for the world's most talented title. This year, one parent goes the extra mile...

Chef leaves high paying restaurant job to serve Salvation Army

What a wonderful story to start the day off, click here to read about a lovely man who gave up his job to help others....

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