Treat Your Feet This Fall with These 5 Awesome Foot Care Tips

When summer suddenly transitions into autumn, we notice several changes. Everything from the weather conditions to the temperature can change without notice.

Our team at Heat Holders has noticed that all of these seasonal changes can have a major effect on our bodies, particularly our feet. Fall conditions can leave our toes feeling cold, dry and stiff. If you love having soft, warm feet all year round, then there are a number of precautions that you need to take during the fall. If you don’t know where to start, be sure to give these awesome tips a try!

1 – Wear Thermal Socks

At Heat Holders, we value comfort over everything. If you aren’t wearing warm, relaxing attire, it can be difficult to feel productive, especially in the fall. We want you to be as productive as possible at work and at home, which is why we suggest that you purchase several pairs of our Heat Holders Original thermal socks this season. 

Our cold weather socks are made with the highest quality materials and our patented knitting technology. This gives them the ability to keep your feet comfortable and trap in more warm air simultaneously.

If you want to try out one of our products but need something subtle, then look no further than our classic LITE thermal socks, which have a medium thick profile and an impressive TOG rating of 1.6. These garments are the perfect option for people that wear casual shoes and boots regularly. 

If you want additional protection from the cold, then we recommend that you scroll through our collection of long length thermal socks which rise to just below the knee, keeping your entire calf cozy.

Regardless of your needs, we know that you’ll want to find the right thermal sock this fall, as they are essential for keeping your feet from getting too cold.

2 – Avoid Getting Pedicures

This is a helpful tip for ladies (and men) that find themselves spending too much money on spa days and pedicures. Although it may be colorful and bright, nail polish can be quite harmful to your nails. In case you don’t know, many nail polishes are filled with toxic chemicals which can cause your nails to slowly deteriorate.

Unless you plan on wearing flip flops this autumn, we suggest that you avoid painting your nails this season. Not only will this help keep your feet feeling fresh but skipping your regular pedicure will also save you money and give you more free time.

If you insist on having colorful nails in the fall, we advise that you find a few bottles of non-toxic nail polish, as they are made with little to no harmful chemicals.

3 – Dress Appropriately

In most places in North America, fall is cold and wet, which means that you can expect to see your fair share of rainstorms, frosts and maybe even some snow. If you’re stuck outside in these poor conditions, you will be very uncomfortable, to say the least.

However, if you are prepared for these conditions, they are significantly easier to deal with. Many people remember to bring a rain jacket or umbrella, but we often overlook the importance of rain boots. These garments are perfect for stomping through puddles in fall and help you get where you need to go. 

Aside from keeping your feet warm and dry, there are several other benefits to wearing rain boots, including:

  • Slip resistance on wet surfaces.
  • Shock resistance in lighting storms.
  • Protects feet from mud and other forms of debris.
  • Comfortable.
  • Can add extra protection by purchasing a steel-toed rain boot.

Not to mention, these boots go hand-in-hand with our amazing Heat Holders socks. By pairing thermal socks with rain boots, you’ll be able to walk around in comfort this autumn, regardless of the weather.

4 – Soak Your Feet Regularly

After a long, hard day at work, many of our team members enjoy kicking off their shoes and taking a foot bath. This relaxing habit is not only a great way to calm down, but it is also an important practice for people who want to improve the overall health and appearance of their feet.

foot care

Firstly, soaking your feet is beneficial because it helps us deal with pain. Although you may be thinking that this is limited to physical pain, this is most certainly not the case. Taking a foot bath can help you with numerous issues ranging from headaches to back pain. If you want to feel additional pain relief, try adding some Epsom salt into your foot bath

Additionally, taking foot baths can help improve your body's circulation. As your feet heat up, your muscles become less inflamed, making it easier for your blood to travel throughout your body. If you suffer from arthritis, tendonitis or stiff joints, you can highly benefit from taking more foot baths.

Finally, people that take regular foot baths generally have softer-looking feet. This is because water keeps your feet hydrated, thus making it harder to spot common foot-issues like calluses and dry skin. If you want your feet to look their best this autumn, be sure to give them a soak at least once a week. If you want to go the extra mile you can try soaking your feet in vinegar, as it contains a number of beautifying properties.

5 – Exfoliate Your Feet Properly

Although it seems like a simple task, many people don’t know how to exfoliate their feet. If you want to remove all of the dead skin and dirt that has built up on your feet, then you need to learn how to exfoliate your feet properly.

Many people make the simple mistake of taking a bath or shower before exfoliating. This may seem like a good choice, however, exfoliating wet skin can be quite harmful. When skin gets wet, it takes on a rubbery texture and if it comes in contact with something gritty (like a foot scrubber or exfoliating cream), it can get scratched and cracked. If you want to your feet to feel smoother than silk, make sure that you exfoliate them when they are dry.

At Heat Holders, we always try to remind people about the importance of autumn foot care. To learn more about how you can take care of your feet in the fall, click here to get a better look at some of our thermal socks and other garments.