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USA Celebrates the Olympics with treats!

During the Olympics, most fans show encouragement by waving a flag or painting their face. This year, Team USA fans have demonstrated incredible support by baking treats to represent the Olympics and their country!

Talented supporters used decorated donuts, Olympic ring muffins and fruit arranged in the shape of the American flag. Most impressive was a cake with blue icing, sweets and pretzels to replicate swimmers in the Olympic Games!

So far, Team USA has a lot to be proud of as they have won a remarkable number of medals and are set to win the 2016 Rio games. Newcomer Simone Biles has lived up to expectations and more with four gold medals. Michael Phelps has sadly declared his retirement but team-mate Katie Ledecky has a promising future with Team USA.

Olymipc swimming pool cake

Posted by Francesca Bonfiglio on 20 August, 2016 Athletes, Cake, Fans Supporting, Heat Holders USA, Olympics, Tributes |
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