November 14th marks World Diabetes Day across the world. Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness, kidney failure and complex heart conditions that affect millions of people across the world. According to the American Diabetes Association, nearly half of American adults suffer from diabetes or are pre-diabetic. Without proper care, diabetes can lead to serious complications.

The cold weather season plays a critical role in affecting diabetes management. Many diabetics struggle to stay warm from the cold, impacting their lifestyle. However, there are several ways sufferers can keep warm and maintain their diabetes:

Wear warm socks and proper footwear: For a diabetic, paying attention to your feet is highly important. When dressing for the cooler weather, make sure feet are warm and dry and proper footwear is worn. Heat Holders® thermal socks are non-binding, diabetic friendly and will provide your feet with the ultimate warmth! Be sure to examine your feet on the daily for anything uncommon, such as sores or cracks, for your diabetic upkeep.

Keep hands warm: Cold hands can provide you with great limitations, especially when it comes to testing your blood sugar. It’s difficult to test your blood sugar levels if your hands are cold, due to constricted blood flow. Run your hands under warm water to get the blood flowing. As well, be sure to wear gloves outside to keep your hands toasty.

Exercise: It’s the key to maintain your diabetes and healthy lifestyle. With winter weather coming around, it’s easy to feel demotivated and move around less due to it being cold outside. Don’t let the cold stop you! You can still get outside and move about by dressing appropriately for the weather. Try a new winter sport or just simply go for a walk. Is cold weather not for you? Don’t worry you can still easily develop a work out routine indoors. Sign up for an indoor gym or try out a few workout videos instead.

Eat healthy during the winter: With the holiday season it can be easy to lose track and indulge in the hearty comfort foods. Keep your diabetes meal plan in mind and let yourself enjoy the hearty meals in moderation. Try incorporating healthy alternatives to keep your insulin levels in check

Don't let indoor heat dry out skin: With cold weather in effect and indoor heat on, skin tends to get dry and cracking. Dry skin can be a nuisance so make sure to apply moisturizer regularly, especially the feet, to keep it hydrated and to seal in moisture.  

Create an emergency diabetes kit: With winter you never know when inclement weather can strike. It's better to be prepared with all your essentials than not. Create yourself an emergency kit with supplies that can last you a few days, including backup diabetic medication and extra socks, hats, gloves, blankets and other essentials that'll keep you warm if such weather should strike. 

It can be rather challenging living with diabetes. Heat Holders® has received many positive reviews from diabetics. By following the tips provided, managing your diabetes during the cold will become easier. 

For more information on Diabetes, please visit Mayo Clinic