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Young girl reunites with her cat after three years

If you’ve got a pet, you’ll know how quickly they become one of the family. They curl up on the sofa next to you, are the first to welcome you home and sleep next to you in bed. And more often than not, we call our pet our best friend.

This couldn’t be truer for young Claudia, from Canada, who reunited with her lost cat after three years. Claudia’s mother had taken her to a rescue home to see all the pets that had been found by the organization. When asked what her favorite cat looked like, Claudia described her old cat that had gone missing.

Unexpectedly a woman appeared with an identical calico cat that once answered to the name Cursor. Claudia couldn’t believe her eyes when she realized that it was her cat that had been missing for three years (although Claudia believed it was only 8 months). The young girl clapped and took in a large intake of breath to show just how surprised she was, 'I missed you so much!' she cried, utterly overwhelmed. Soon after, she snuggled the cat for a very long time.

Claudia didn’t forget to thank the lady who had brought back her little furry friend. 'Thanks for giving my kitty back!'

Claudia and Cursor

Posted by Francesca Bonfiglio on 05 September, 2016 Cat, heartwarming, Heat Holders USA, Love, reunited |
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