Toestie the Dragon looking cold beside a low thermometer and warm beside a thermometer showing a high temp

If you're dealing with unpredictable weather when temperatures swing from balmy to downright cold in a matter of hours, you want strategies for staying comfortable. So, we've put together a blog with handy tips on staying cozy at home when the temperature fluctuates.

When You Feel Really Cold

On those unexpectedly frosty days when your home feels more like a refrigerator than a refuge, it's important to take immediate action to ward off the chill.

Layer up

Start with the basics: put on your warmest thermal slipper socks and layer up - starting with a cozy thermal base layer like Heat Holders Men's or Women's ORIGINAL® Base Layers and adding an mid layer like an ORIGINAL™ or Plush Jacket. A nice throw or plush blanket will really help keep you warm if your home is cold. 

Toestie, wearing a cap and tool belt, fixes a boiler in a dark room.

Other ways to stay warm

  • Hot drinks: A warm (spicey) drink will help ward off the cold
  • Check the thermostat: Make sure your thermostat is set for the right temperature and double check that your furnace is working properly.
  • Keep active: If you have physical chores, like treadmill walking or cleaning the house, do them until you're feeling warmer
  • Seal any drafts: These can significantly lower indoor temperatures. A temporary fix like a draft stopper can make a noticeable difference until your furnace catches up.
  • Cook or Bake: Using the oven can help warm the kitchen and surrounding areas. Plus, the activity will help you stay warm and the cookies will make you happy.
  • Reverse Ceiling Fans: If your ceiling fan has a reverse switch, use it to run the fan's blades in a clockwise direction after you turn on your heat. This will push warm air downward.
  • Use Rugs on Wooden Floors: Wooden floors can be cold, so use rugs to add warmth and reduce heat loss.
  • Close Unused Rooms: Close the vents and doors of unused rooms to keep the heat in the areas where you spend the most time. 

When You Feel Chilly

If you're waiting for the furnace to warm up the house after the weather snaps cold, you're probably feeling chilly but not really cold. This is a great time for moderate layering.

Heat Holders® offers Three Levels of Warmth (ORIGINAL™, LITE™, and ULTRA LITE™), so you can choose thinner and lighter warmth when you need. Opt for the Men's and Women's LITE™ base layers and Men's and Women's LITE™ socks if you're not feeling as cold.

But keep your jacket and your Oversized Throw handy, especially if you're sitting. You might feel like you need it! 

When the Furnace Finally Catches Up

As your living space starts to feel pleasantly warm either from warmer weather or the furnace catching up, it's time to adjust your layers again. This doesn't mean shedding all your cozy comforts. If you're like us, you probably keep your thermostat low to save on energy costs.

Switch to ULTRA LITE™ socks and base layers and choose a lounge wear layer like the Lydia Lounge Pant and V-Neck Lounge Top that's easy to shed if you're too warm.

If you've been using a blanket, fold it nearby so you can easily grab it if the temperature dips again. Keeping your home's air fresh and moving can also help regulate the temperature, so consider opening a window or using a fan to maintain a comfortable breeze.

Keep your eye on the temperature outdoors, though. The situation can change at any moment.

A three-panel comic showing Toestie the Dragon: in the first panel, he's wrapped in blankets shivering, in the second, he's adjusting a thermostat, and in the third, he's contently sitting on a couch with a hot drink and a cat, while it's raining outside.

Be Flexible in Fluctuating Temperatures

Fluctuating temperatures call for a flexible approach to comfort. By layering your clothing and adjusting your home's coziness levels, you can stay ahead of the weather's whims.

Remember, the key to navigating temperature variability is being prepared to layer up or down as conditions demand. With Heat Holders® Three Levels of Warmth, you'll find yourself enjoying the season's beauty in warm, comfortable bliss, no matter what surprises it may bring.

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