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Renee Spears – Satisfied Heat Holders Customer

I just had to send a “Thank you” for your amazing socks!!!! My husband works at a shipyard and nothing puts him in a worse mood than cold feet. He is out in the elements all day and when I came home with your socks…..I was a hero!!!! He has told many of his coworkers about your socks and where to purchase them. He is a walking commercial for you guys!!! I’ve worked in customer service for 20+ years and I know it is nice to get a “happy” feed back, so I thought I’d take a minute and let you know what an amazing job you are all doing. Thank you for your time.

Lisa Williams – Satisfied Heat Holders Customer

I wore my wellie socks for the first time and all i can say is they are "Fantastic". My tootsies were as warm as toast while wearing my wellies. Although its still summer i am sure they will help keep my feet snuggly warm in the winter.

I spend hours on end in wellies at the allotment and while out with the kids, so wearing these made me feel like my feet were wrapped in a duvet. Wellies are now a pleasure to wear with the help of my heatholders.

Maris Maryam – Satisfied Heat Holders Customer

I bought some heat holders this week for me and my son and I have to say that I am so happy with those socks! Already they've proofed to work really well - nice warm feet when the weather is getting colder.

I already promoting the socks to others!! And, gonna buy some more pairs for us to prepare for the chilly weather. This would also make a good gift to some of my friends. So, thank you - your socks really are heat holders!

Philippa Crommentmyn – Research Student

I really like Heat Holders socks, they keep my feet very warm and cosy. I have worn them in the snow and my feet still remained warm with no cold areas. I like the colour too and my husband does as he borrows them! He thinks they’re great!

The leggings are really good too, very easy to wear and very comfortable. Two fantastic products!

Nickola Loakley – Chef

I have tried the knee high thermal Heat Holders. They are extremely warm and comfortable and great for wearing with Wellies!

Murray Stewart - Glastonbudget festival producer, outdoor event organiser, motorcyclist and ex-military man

It is vital in my work to have good comfortable footwear and warm dry socks. I have worked on site all day and night and rode my motorcycle home wearing Heat Holders. Not only were they warm and dry, they were also extremely comfortable, both in the foot and up the calf. There is sufficient give in the material to allow a snug fit on the calf without leaving impressions on the skin. This is often the down side to wearing other so called thermal motorcycle socks. Despite the thickness of the sock, there is no effect on boot sizing, which adds to the comfort. Often you need to wear a size bigger boot if you wish to wear a thermal type or thicker sock.

I am very impressed with Heat Holders. I also think that they are an excellent motorcycle sock.

Hila Dee

Heat Holders helped my son survive the heavy snow with warm dry feet. We all have a pair or two, Heat Holders are a winter must!

My husband loves Heat Holders too, he had warm toes all through the snow! This is the second year we buy Heat Holders, they’re great!

Oumar Masood

Heat Holders are excellent and keep my feet warm during the snow!

Sandra Mullen

I bought Heat Holders for myself because my son said they are the best socks he has ever had!

Michaela Crossfield

Heat Holders are the best socks ever for keeping my cold feet warm! I wear them in my wellies and for the first time in my life I can walk outdoors happily without icy- cold and painful toes. They are also great in my walking boots. Perfect for what I wanted!

Heat Holders gloves are also the only pair of gloves that has ever kept my hands warm! I have worn them in the snowy weather and they keep me comfortable.

Catherine Forrest

Heat Holders are very comfortable and good value for sports socks.

Corrado Mella

I won’t wear any other socks in winter other than Heat Holders, it is like putting your feet into a warm soft cloud!

S Pugh - Psychotherapist

As a sufferer of Arthritic related conditions I cannot recommend Heat Holders ‘The Ultimate Thermal Sock’ enough. Due to providing exceptional comfort, warmth and insulation the sock has aided the constant pain I endure in my feet, especially during the inclement weather.

Lucy Milner - Satisfied Heat Holders Customer

I bought some Heat Holders Socks for my family and I in February to wear on our 24hour flight/ journey. We all hate the inflight socks that are, supposedly, meant to keep your feet warm on your journey but always fail to succeed! After rave reviews that I’ve read, and experienced with Heat Holders in the past it seemed only natural to rely on them again for this purpose and they didn’t disappoint! Thank you so much Heat Holders! A cosy warm start to a lovely holiday!

Elisabeth I Rohr – Torp - Satisfied Heat Holders Customer

I love Heat Holders socks, I have a problem keeping my feet warm in the winter here in Norway and now I am very warm when I wear Heat Holders in my boots!

Kelly Thompson - Satisfied Heat Holders Customer

Heat Holders have improved my life! For nine years I have had terrible neuropathy in my feet from chemotherapy. For me neuropathy is freezing toes. During the day I wear toe warmers that stick to my socks. The night has been my challenge. I have tried numerous down slippers, wool socks, heating pads etc. They all start off OK but around 3AM I wake up with freezing toes. I just bought Heat Holder and I wake up in the morning with toasty warm toes for the first time in nine years! I LOVE Heat Holders!!! Thank you for a wonderful product.

Sue - Northampton Sleepout!

I received a pair of these socks for the night of the sleepout, in pink – which is one of my favourite colours J. I was very grateful, as I do suffer with my feet getting cold ! As soon as I put them on I could feel the difference, and to be honest, I have to say I kind of forgot about them after that – which is a good sign, because it meant that my feet weren’t cold all night! Even when I got home the next day, and crawled into my very welcome bed to get some proper sleep, my feet were still lovely and warm, and this is when I normally notice the cold the most. Thank you HeatHolders, your socks certainly made a difference to me and my feet!

Maureen - Satisfied Heat Holders Customer

Fab socks – kept my feet warm all night, and great colour range too. Thanks


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Rodney Gomm - Satisfied Heat Holders Customer

"BRAVO!!! These are the warmest socks on the planet!!!

I think I was one of your first online customers and I said I would let you know how I liked them as I am plagued with cold feet! Heat Holders delivers! Thank you."

Anonymous - Satisfied Heat Holders Customer

"My 93 year old father is enraptured with you HeatHolder (2.34) socks. My mother has to trick him into parting with them so they can be washed."

Katherine Hodge - Dog Walker

"I would like to get more of those incredible heat holders. Going to get a couple of pairs of the slipper sock ones for me and mummy. Now the weather is getting colder and I have hard floors I am wearing mine nearly all the time - so so cosy."

Daisy - Age 13

"I LOVE HEAT HOLDERS! For a dog walker like myself, heat holders are ideal; it's like walking on a cloud. I must own over ten pairs of Heat Holders and have just purchased the new wellington Heat Holders. They're great and the style of folding over the wellington when I walk my dog, Boss, is fab for a fashion conscious teen like myself. There is a wide range of colours, I probably own every colour, but I would like it if there was a range of patterns too. I would recommend heat holders to everyone!"


"My feet were frozen and soaked to the bone after I walked home in bad shoes during an unexpected slush storm. I dried them off and put on Heat Holders – my feet warmed up almost instantly and they were so soft and cozy I didn't ever want to take them off! "


"Heat Holder socks are the best, I always have cold feet and I had some bought for me for Christmas, I wore them for the first time today and my feet have never felt so warm, would recommend to anybody."

Dee Gough – Dog Walker

"As the owner of a lively three year old Golden Retriever, I am out everyday walking in all types of weathers. Heat Holder socks definitely keep your feet very warm, as well as that the thickness of them means they are ideal for wearing with both wellies and hiking boots which during the winter months are the main footwear worn by myself for dog walking".

Nick Wilkinson – Dog Walker and Chair Person at Nerden Valley Dog Show.

"Heat Holder socks were 'heaven on my feet'. I had toastie toes and cosy calves. I would definitely recommend them to all dog walkers and we're even having a Heat Holder stand at the next show".

Carl Donovan – Dog Trainer

"Very pleased with them. Although I usually need cotton socks these were fine in muck boots, even training dogs all day in them. Colours good too. Wash well. Very comfortable. Highly recommend them."

Ms. B. M. Kay - Hon. Secretary, The Wire Fox Terrier Association

"Heat Holders are by far the most effective product for keeping your feet warm out of all the socks I have used. I love this product!"

Ms. S. Heyes - Dog Walker

"This week we are experiencing the worst snow I can remember since I was a child living in the North of England. As I write, this part of Kent is under over 1 foot of the white stuff, and we are the more fortunate ones! I would like to say that the Heat Holders are truly marvellous and whilst the dogs and I have been trudging through the snow, my feet have been as warm as toast. I am sure my dogs would appreciate something similar. Whatever the weather, animals are a seven day a week commitment and anything that can make one more comfortable whilst outside has to be a positive thing."

Rachel Mulcaire - Dog Walker

"They are like wearing sleeping bags for your feet."

Mr. D. Shapland - Dog Breeder

"The snow was falling hard – the post man had fought her way through the snow to deliver my socks. It was just like winning the lottery. The socks keep my legs and feet so warm and toasty!

They will be great under my walking boots when exercising the dogs. All in all I feel that Christmas came early for me – Thank you!"

Kay Reid - Dog Breeder and Exhibitor

"I judge and show gundogs for my hobby, though by husband calls it an obsession! At this time of year most shows are held indoors in agricultural showground buildings (unheated with concrete floors) and equestrian arenas (unheated with compacted dirt floors). In previous years I have tried many methods to keep my feet warm, from wearing thee pairs of socks, to thermal insoles and even sheepskin lined boots, but without fail I have always ended up with freezing cold feet, which made my whole body cold.

On wearing the Heat Holders socks to an event on the 27th December in a cattle shed (outside temperature -3oc), my feet were warm all day. I am actively promoting them to all my fellow exhibitors, judges, stewards and officials. They are nothing short of a miracle! I also use them as wellie socks when exercising dogs and I have never had warm feet in wellies before!"

Mr. M. Wellstead - Dog Walker

"As I walk about 8 miles a day it was good to find a sock so padded that even when wearing walking boots felt like the comfiest trainers. Although it was September and not too cold, you could tell from the thickness and comfort that Heat Holders would keep your feet toasty when warm. I can honestly say that I haven't found any other socks so well made and durable (I wore them three days in a row to try them out!)

I will definitely be getting some more as I am very impressed. If they made a waterproof version as well then that would make them a world best."



Jim – Allotment Volunteer

I have used Heat Holders over the last month (outdoors in the rain and snow) and find that Heat Holders do live up to their reputation!

They are so warm (cosy warm) and comfortable throughout the day. I would certainly recommend them for outdoor use.

Christine Hurst – community Allotment

"Heat Holders thermal underwear are snug, warm and comfortable to wear. They fit under Jeans and are suitable for all winter outdoor activities including working at the allotment and hiking in Derbyshire in the snow.

Heat Holders socks are brilliant to wear inside wellington boots and genuinely keep feet cosy and warm".

David – Gardening

"Heat Holders fit well, warm and wash well".

Sue Doughty – Garden Champion at Oadby and Wigston Allotment

"In cold weather I always wear my Heat Holders hat, gloves, vest, tights and socks! I have been wearing them since last September. They wash really well and don’t lose their warmth!

I love the way the vest fits and it is very shapely to the figure. The vest and tights and leggings keep me feeling warm but not overheated when you go from outdoors to indoors".

Marion Grant – Gardener

"I have tried many different thermals and body warming clothes over the years and Heat Holders are by far the best. I love the lightweight quality of the leggings, they keep me snug and warm without feeling restricted or getting me too hot and flustered as some other products do. Great thanks!".

Wilfred Poore – Retired, Allotment Holder

"Heat Holder socks are very comfortable and warm which is great for during the evening whilst watching television".

Mr R Armstrong – Allotment Holder and Dog Walker

"The socks are great for cold weather at the allotment & even better for walking the dog in wintery conditions. No more cold feet when I'm walking through the snow. The longer length is great for warmth on lower legs. I would recommend anyone working outdoors to buy a pair of these socks. You won't be disappointed."

Sara - Alton Allotment committee member altonallotments.co.uk

"Oh my god! The snugglest feet I have ever had. Love the fact that they are [available as] long socks. The [Heat Holders] socks are a very good products and [I] would be happy to recommend them to others. Thank you!"

Beccy Weaver - Allotment Holder/Post Lady/Secretary, Alton Allotment Association altonallotments.co.uk

"I received my socks on Friday, 10th February. As it happens I am a post lady. On Saturday 11th Feb, it turned out to be the coldest day of the winter 2011/2012. Well, let me tell you, going out on a rural delivery at -9.5˚ C they were a blessing. I have cold feet at the best of times and I can assure you they weren't cold all day! I will be wearing the socks on the allotment with my wellies so thank you very much for keeping my toes all cosy, they really appreciated it and so did I!"

Allotment Gardener

"These socks are just the thing for when I work on my allotment; it gives me time when previously my feet have got too cold to work.


Alan Newman - Allotment Gardener

"I first tried these in bed, as I suffer from bad circulation due to medication I take. The [Heat Holders] socks were almost too hot; amazing!

The second try of them was with wellies in 4 inches of snow; again fantastic!"

Mr. J. W. Griffiths - Allotment Gardening

"I recently tried a pair of Heat Holders, which I was given by a fellow allotment member. Being a bit sceptical, as us of the older generation can be, I accepted them and during the past cold spell I have worn them and found them fantastic! Where I used to put on at least two pairs of woollen socks, Heat Holders thermal socks kept my feet very warm in the snow and ice. I would certainly recommend them to my fellow allotment members."

Robin Maule - Allotment Gardening

"I love the socks. I use them in my Wellington boots on my allotment. They keep my feet very warm.

A great product!"


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