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Andrew Hoyle - Freshwater Kayak Angler

"I am a passionate freshwater kayak angler who fishes throughout our cold and damp Autumn, Winter and Spring months. For me to perform and enjoy my angling it is essential that I am warm and dry. Therefore, I only use performance clothing that delivers what it claims on the promotional packaging.

From October 2012 through to April 2103 the Heatholders Long Thermal Socks have been field tested by myself on numerous, six to eight hour kayak angling trips. The thick fleece lining combined with the long length that insulates my calf's worked superbly to retain heat within my feet where other products have failed. I fully endorse this product and highly recommend the 'Heatholders Long Thermal Socks' for all fishermen and women to enhance your cold weather angling experience."

John Prior - Fishing Enthusiast

"I live on a boat and as I am now older I find it more difficult to keep warm. These socks are the best I've found in helping me keep them warm. I also have a garden I work in and they help keep me warm as well. "

David Mannall - Commercial Director, The Carp Society

"Having used the 'Heat Holders' all winter for my climb and barbell fishing, I just love them. No longer do you need to wear two pairs of socks which end up with your feet cramped, just great! "

Miles Carter - The Carp Society Manager

"Having fished throughout this long cold winter, these socks have been a life saver. Warm as toast and certainly a must have for any out door pursuit. Brilliant! "

Andrew Endean - Professional Angling Coach

"I dropped several hints to my girlfriend about some of the Heat Holders Socks to be added to my Christmas list, but never received any on the day. However I was delighted when I popped in to see Miles at the Carp Society and he handed me a pair to try out. I've been using them over the past two weeks in some really cold weather and they have been the best socks I have ever had. I will certainly be recommending them to my students when teaching from now on!"

Mr. P. Lomax - Fishing Enthusiast

"Being a diabetic I have problems with reduced circulation in my lower legs and feet and feel the cold quite easily. I have found over the last two days fishing that Heat Holders have been very beneficial in maintaining a good temperature in my feet, and I have been able to carry on fishing for longer"

Mr. J. Dale - Landscaper and Fishing Enthusiast

"I have found Heat Holders very warm and comfortable, I wore my pair for fishing and the best results came from use of two pairs, one to walk in and one to sit in. My feet tended to sweat whilst walking, but stayed warm until about half an hour after stopping. So I used thin socks for walking to my peg then changed to the Heat Holders, they then stayed warm all day. Thanks!"

Mr. S. Kenyon - Fisherman, Walker and Hiking Enthusiast

"As a member of Turton and Edgeworth Angling Society, I know that cold feet can ruin a good day's fishing. Since I tried Heat Holders, cold feet have not been a problem. They help keep your feet warm, but because they are breathable, your feet don't sweat. They are also very comfortable for long walks when carrying heavy tackle.

The knee length socks are particularly good with wellingtons. I also walk/hike a lot and will be trying them out over the winter. I am going to recommend them to my parents who are also keen walkers. I cannot fault Heat Holders and would willingly try new products from the range."

Ms. H. Kershaw - Fishery Owner

"Heat Holders are fabulous, really comfy and cushioning. They are very warm and a good length. I would definitely recommend them to anyone."

Mr. M. Done - Fishing and Walking Enthusiast

"It's impossible to put into words what the Heat Holders clearly have over other thermal products, whatever it is, it must be kept a closely guarded secret.

The warmth and comfort they provide is second to none and they can be worn on any occasion without the usual thermal clothing stigmas. A truly magical product!"



Annette Ruth Bradly - Horses and Riding

"The warmest socks ever! and in great colours too!  I’ve got all my friends buying them,  a must have ,for wearing with wellies and riding boots." 

Jackie Chatwin - Horses and Riding

"As a chilblain sufferer it's difficult to find warm comfortable clothing to prevent them, especially this winter with the temperatures at -10 and below. After purchasing a pair (or three) of the heat holders socks the chilblains have been kept at bay. The result was one warm, extremely happy customer. I would highly recommend them." 

Hayley Sankley - Riding Instructor

"I love these socks! I will look forward to buying many more pairs."

Karen Sankey - Yard Owner

"I have pains in my heels when walking so I have to wear either shoes or slippers for extra comfort. With Heat Holders Socks I could walk on the hard floor without having to put on slippers or shoes. They are also very warm."

Dianna Campbell - Horses and Riding

"I have been using these socks for two years now. I have a circulation problem and I am outside in very low temperatures with the horses and I have found these to be very good at keeping my feet warm. I would love a pair of gloves!"

Jill Robinson - Horses and Riding

"I had never owned a pair of Heat Holders Socks before, but had heard very good reports. After trying them I found them to be very useful and I will be buying more pairs!"

Jo Cody Boutcher - Horses and Riding

"I wore these Heat Holders socks throughout the recent bad weather. Definitely the best socks I have ever had to keep my feet warm."

Liam Burns - Stable Kid

"Couldn't be happier, (Heat Holders are) warm and comfortable."

Suzie Vincent - Mother of Show Jumper Hannah Vincent and Competition Winner

"Many kind thanks for the gift of five pairs of 'Heat Holder' Socks which my daughter Hannah won in a recent competition in Absolute Horse Magazine; they were very much appreciated, especially by me, as I spend many hours standing around at horse shows. Your socks were worn all week and we found them to be of great benefit as it always seems to be our feet that suffer the most from the cold!"

D. Bark - Competition Winner

"Through Absolute Horse I was lucky enough to win a selection of 'Heat Holders Socks.' They arrived in time to be used in the cold weather we are having and I just wanted to thank you!!"

Jacqui Wyett - Satisfied Heat Holders Customer

"I recently bought two pairs of Heat Holders to use with my wellies as I have a horse, and have suffered with cold feet. I am delighted with the socks; my feet have been kept warm, even after 5 hours in wellies! I have been telling all my friends about them."

Ms. S. Reynolds - Horse Rider, Student and Sports Photographer

"Heat Holders are a vital component to my winter wardrobe! They offer optimum heat retention and comfort. I wear mine during practical sessions at Uni, doing the mucking out, riding, competing, standing around when practising photography and setting up for Pony Club rallies. The long version also gives me some knee protection/ cushioning when playing horse ball. Not to mention they are a perfect accompaniment for joggers and a hooded top to nurse a student hangover! Would recommend to anyone!"

Mrs. J. Kitchener - Horse Owner and Rider

"Out in all weathers to see to horses, feet are always the first to feel the cold, no matter how many pairs of normal socks you put on. Your Heat Holders are brilliant; my feet have never kept so warm and comfy! I've gone out and bought several pairs for my husband who works in refrigerated food works and he now swears by them too. Wonderful product!!! "

Mrs. K. Turner - Horse Rider and Housewife

"The Heat Holders socks are very toasty, comfortable and kept my feet warm in minus 7!

The only thing I would point out is, with them being so thick; my boots could have done with being a size larger to accommodate the chunkiness of the socks. "

Angela Brewell - Horse Rider and Reynaud's Sufferer

"Great socks! - I bought my first pair of heat holders a year ago and was very impressed how warm they kept my feet. I suffer with Reynaud's which affects my feet quite badly and, having tried many types of thermal socks in the past, I would still end up with 'dead' feet after finishing off riding and sorting my horse out.

These socks have really worked a treat they very rarely go 'dead' now even through this very cold winter with temperatures as low as -16 in our area, now I know that they work I have bought 3 more pairs!! I wear them whenever it's cold and I'm outside for riding, walking and generally messing about outside'"



Lisa Williams

'I wore my wellie socks for the first time and all I can say is they are "Fantastic". My tootsies were as warm as toast while wearing my wellies. Although it’s still summer I am sure they will help keep my feet snuggly warm in the winter. I spend hours on end in wellies at the allotment and while out with the kids, so wearing these made me feel like my feet were wrapped in a duvet. Wellies are now a pleasure to wear with the help of my Heatholders.

Thanks so very much and it has been a pleasure trying them out. I will also forward a picture when my phone is charged so please feel free to use as and when you wish.'

Sarah Creak – V Festival Goer

'Both myself and my partner were sent a pair of heat holder socks to review at V festival 2013. I received a pink pair of tall welly socks and my partner received a brown pair of tall socks which were also suitable to wear with wellies.

I wore mine on the second day of V festival with my Hunter Wellies. I can honestly say that my feet were so warm all day. Throughout the rain, mud, soggy portaloo floors my feet didn’t get cold at all and on top of that they were extremely comfortable. I hadn’t worn my wellies previously and they did not rub one bit which I suspect was down to the thickness and comfort of the socks. The only problem I had was that I only had one pair!

My partner also worse his on the second day of the festival. He was a bit reluctant to wear them as he had worries that they would be too thick and would make his wellies rub, however after wearing them for the whole day he was glad he had worn them as he had the same opinion as me, they were very comfortable, very warm (however not to warm to make your feet sweat) and his wellies did not rub him at all.'

Claire Messer – V festival Goer

‘Heat Holders were brilliant wore them at night to keep my feet nice and warm! #cosy-‘

Cathy Lockie, V Festival Goer

‘Heat Holders are great, they kept my feet warm & dry & they look lovely. I also got quite a few comments from friends about how great they were.‘

Katie Williamson – Production PA

“It’s amazing that Heat Holders have provided us with socks for Glastonbudget Festival. It’s a really nice touch for the staff after the awful weather last year. They look great with my wellies and are really cosy”

Katy Green – Volunteer

“I didn’t bring my wellies and had to go and buy some just so that I could try out my Heat Holders, they rock.”

James Simpson – Event Manager

“Great boot socks, really comfortable, they kept me warm in the hail on Friday”

Nick Tanner – Glastonbudget Founder

“We were very pleased to be able to offer our staff some extra protection from the expected foul festival weather, and we are very grateful to Heat Holders for supporting our event. Our volunteer site crew were very appreciative of them when the bad weather came in during the break. Many thanks”

James Hall – The wildlife trust for Lancashire

“I recently used a pair of heat holders during a three day mountain marathon event in the Lake District and they were fantastic! I specifically needed a pair of socks that would keep my feet nice and warm after finishing the marathons but would also be comfortable on my feet after the pounding they took during the day – my new heat holders delivered on both fronts and I would definitely recommend them as a warm and cosy sock”

Anonymous walker

"After wearing long length Heat Holders over the weekend while out walking in Scotland. I found them to be very warm, comfortable and snug. I would recommend Heat Holders!"

Ian korpi

"Heat Holders socks were great for hiking in cold weather. They did in fact keep my feet much much warmer than the average cotton or even wool socks. I also found them to be very comfortable and didn't make my feet sweat. I would recommend these to backpackers in cold climates or just people who want warmer feet at night. I certainly will be buying a few pairs of Heat Holders!"

Andrea Richardson – Walker/Hiker

"Living on the Isle of Skye I spend a great deal of time outdoors plus the fact that we have two springer spaniels who need a lot of walks, Heat Holders are blissfully warm and comfortable!

Putting Heat Holders on on a cold frosty morning is like a ‘Big Hug For Your Feet!’ They are toasty and warm with lots of padding under the foot.

Heat Holders are perfect for wearing with my boots or wellies. I love the purple colour.

I also like to wear them around the house as ‘Sock Slippers’ perfect for putting on after the shower and wearing with my PJs!"

Ian Richardson – Fishing/ walking/ Hiking

"Heat Holders are Ideal for standing around on a riverbank, patiently waiting for a fish to take my fly. They are also great inside my waders for when in the water. Heat Holders are exceptionally warm and comfortable for our long winter walks with the dogs. Highly recommend to everyone."

Anonymous – Motorbiker

"I tested Heat Holders on the 180 mile trip to Southampton in the last two weeks. They were brilliant! Ambient temp 9• with wet roads and rain for middle 1.5hrs of 2.5hr journey but my toes stayed toastie throughout. The Following week (your mega-socks were in the wash) tried old hiking socks. Ambient temp was around 9-10• but feet cold after 1hr and roads were dry throughout. Was better on way back with some 'office' cotton socks, but even then my toes were cold for 1.5hrs of the journey.

It's back to your socks every mile of the way for me."

Jim Ross – Car Breaker and Parts Manger

"I Just purchased a pair of the 2.34 tog heat holders, I would just like to say how good these are as I work outside they keep my feet perfectly warm. I will be looking to buy some more pairs before xmas and maybe some for my partner too.


Alex Francis – Diver

"Heat Holder socks are great. I wear them when I'm scuba diving in the UK cold waters inside my dry suit. They are really warm and work well under pressure – literally!"

Andrew Hetherington – Skiing

"I am a volunteer running a ski facility in the North Pennines. I regularly go throughout the year to maintain the site and have been wearing Heat Holder socks whilst the cold weather has been with us. I can honestly say that my feet have been considerably warmer than any other walking socks I have worn before. I would buy these socks in the future as they provide both warmth and comfort. Well done to you!"

Brian Hill – Skiing

"I wore Heat Holder long johns during a weeks skiing in Italy where temperatures reached as low as -18 degrees. I found them warm, comfortable and they fit well inside my ski boots".

Henry Brian Dugdale – Skiing and Walking

"For Skiing, Heat Holders are super. They are comfortable whilst wearing either shoes or ski boots. They really come into their own during skiing keeping my feet comfortable and warm. They are absorbent and prevent any areas of rubbing. All in all I am very satisfied with Heat Holder socks".

Cynthia Davidson – Skiing and Walking

"Heat Holder socks look luxuriously cosy and I'm prone to getting cold feet when ski-ing. I was originally worried about the thickness of the socks and my already tight fitting ski boots, however I needn't have worried as they compacted into my boots perfectly and kept my feet warm all day".

Mrs J Ball – Ice Skater, Hill Walker and Dog Trainer.

"I put on Heat Holder socks for a five hour walk in a temperature of just 2 degrees, which I did wearing just trainers. I van honestly say that my feet were very warm the whole time. As soon as I put the socks on I could feel the warmth. I would not hesitate to buy these socks in the future.

I am also the member of a dog training club, and we sometimes train on fields outside in frozen conditions. Heat Holders would be of great benefit to other members of the club".

Corinna Cartwright – Headteacher

"I have been wearing Heat Holder socks this week during a cold spell in Scotland for walking along beaches, up mountains and wandering through water. The socks have been beautifully warm! I have been especially impressed with how they stay on my feet when I'm wearing my wellington boots, this has been a problem in the past, however the Heat Holder socks have stayed on".

Eileen Armstrong – Retired, Gardening, Walking and Caravaning

"I Loved these socks. They can be worn for occasions, so comfortable, great for watching television in bed and they don't leave marks on your legs. I have gone out and bought them for the whole family. Glad to see you have totnes versions now with non-slip base"

Kirk Peters – Cycling Enthusiast

"I've tried many types of socks in search of warmth on my winter commutes to work. Nothing worked well – until I received my first pair of Heat Holders socks. Holy Cow, what a difference! No more bundling up wearing three or four pairs of other socks. One pair of Heat Holders makes such a difference. Yesterday the temperature dipped down to under 8 degrees but I wanted to get in my 8 mile commute to work.

The good news is that despite the seeming bulk of Heat Holders, my feet were not cramped in the least. I immediately purchased 4 more pairs. I love wearing these socks as slippers at home. (p.s – I also wear the Heat Holder gloves with the same result!)"

Kate Chacko

"I always have cold feet and was thrilled to find these socks! I wish I could buy them year round! I have bought a pair for my sister who works outside on her farm and for my husband to wear ice fishing. My son has taken my pair to wear snowboarding…..I hope I can buy another pair."

Emlyn Bailey – Hill Walker

"Very warm and comfy."

Ian Reid - Walker

"I suffer from poor circulation and constantly have cold feet and legs when I am active and sitting down. Normally I place a blanket or fleece round my legs, whilst the top of my body is warm enough in a t-shirt.

Since trying Heat Holders socks I have worn them both for walking and in frozen fields, and my feet have been incredibly warm, but more significantly when seated during the day have never had to use a blanket on my legs, even on the night we had a power cut, resulting in having no heating with an outside temperature of -10oc.

I recommend your socks to anybody with circulation problems which result in cold feet and legs. They are a fantastic product and I will be buying at least two more pairs"

John Garnsey - Ex-secretary, Lostock Athletics Club

"I have given Heat Holders a good workout during this inclement weather - they are fantastic! They are so silky soft inside yet robust and warming to the toes even in wellies during this wintry spell. A quick rinse in the washer and they are as good as new. My wife is very jealous!"

Pat Lysak - Beater

"Heat Holders' socks were very warm under my wellingtons. In fact when I go beating in Scotland on pheasant shoots; my feet are the first part of my body to get cold. With Heat Holders, however, seem to retain the heat! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these to other outdoor sport users."

Mr. O. Willson - Golfing Enthusiast

"I am a golf fanatic, which means I play all year round. Having warm feet is a big priority and Heat Holders are the perfect choice for any golfer! I am really impressed with the quality and comfort of these socks.

When I play for Leicestershire over the winter I will definitely be wearing Heat Holders! If only they did golfing gloves? "

Ross Freeman - Land Owner

"Heat Holders are very good and perfect for wellies."

Angie Noon - Satisfied Heat Holders Customer

"I just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic, speedy delivery – and for the quality and warmth of the Heat Holders socks that I ordered. Having tried some out I have ordered more today…my husband and I have never had such toasty, warm feet on days such as today, with an outside temperature of minus 6!"

Joanne Butler - Satisfied Heat Holders Customer

"Three words to describe Heat Holders socks

  1. Exceptional comfort
  2. Fantastic warmth
  3. Good Durability

My feet are no longer cold thanks to these terrific socks!"

Alan - Satisfied Heat Holders Customer

"Heat Holders socks are very comfortable and soft to wear. They kept my feet at an even temperature, and the good smooth seams caused no irritation. They offer good insulation and would be ideal for anyone working outside in cold/wet conditions (i.e. Building Trades).

They have a comfortable top welt – a good idea carrying the soft inner lining to top of sock, this eliminating tightness around calf. Would be happy to buy another pair " Alan - Satisfied Heat Holders Customer

Ms. M. Thomas - Secretary, Metal Detecting Club

"Heat Holders are perfect for my hobby. They fit so well inside my wellingtons and my feet remained warm and dry all day. They have also washed very well and dried very quickly. An excellent product. Very comfortable!"

Mr. Nick Davey - Walker

"These were great (on my recent trek up Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa)! Especially the longer ones, which were ideal for using with my trek boots. They kept my feet ridiculously warm which was great. I wore them at night in the sleeping bag as well to add another layer (as well as my trek buddy who I gave a pair before we left the UK), as at Base camp temperatures went below -10 degrees. They were also great on "summit night" where we ascend the mountain to the peak which takes 8 hours, at high altitude at -15 to -20 degrees with the wind chill! I would thoroughly recommend Heat Holder socks to anyone!"

Mrs. A. Kirker - Walker

"My husband and I both wore our Heat Holders in the last, very cold, weekend of November 2010 in the Peak District. We both found the socks to be very warm and comfortable. Have washed them once so far and they haven't shrunk!

I think they'll be very good under motorcycle boots and wellingtons too! "

Mr. N. Bright - Walker and Gas Installation Engineer

"Great pair of socks! Can't believe just how warm Heat Holders are"

Mrs. S. Kerr - Walker

"I have always had difficulties with my circulation that has affected keeping my feet and hands warm. I decided to try Heat Holders because a friend had recommended them. Then the snow came!

Nottingham was covered in a thick layer of snow and I was really suffering. I remembered my new socks and decided to give them a go. I haven't had them off my feet since!

For the first time in so many years I can't remember, my toes have felt warm and cosy whilst outside for long periods of time in terrible conditions. I would happily recommend Heat Holders to anyone. "

Anonymous - Walker and Golfer

"When I first got my hands on a pair of Heat Holders I set them aside until the winter weather set in. At first I wasn't convinced that they would be better than other similar socks on the market. With temperatures hovering around 0 Degrees Celsius, I tried them out with walking boots and wellies. They were so easy to put on and so soft and cuddly inside. My toes often suffer from chilblains but not with these socks on, Bliss!

I was particularly impressed when worn with wellington boots, not the best in snow and ice, but the warmth of my feet bear witness to the socks' claims of an exciting, new product.

My wife kept pinching my pair but at last she has a pair of her own. She also raves about Heat Holders. Finally I would like to add, that even after a wash, they are as good as new!"

Mrs. C. Garnsey - Walker

"I've worn the socks for the first time today (one of the coldest days of the year) and my feet have never been so warm! Wearing them made the walk so much more enjoyable and I am looking forward to wearing them on the golf course where my feet have suffered badly in the past.

Just putting them on was absolute bliss, but to have the bonus of feet as warm as toast, what can one say? They're the best invention since cashmere!! ( I have a pair of cashmere socks, but they're not a patch on Heat Holders) Please could you now use your technology to manufacture gloves that will keep my hands just as warm – I have yet to find such a pair of gloves (and I have invested much time and money into this endeavour) that can cope with the extreme weather that we have had to tolerate during the last week.

A few adjectives to describe your socks: Cosy, snug, comfortable, warm, welcoming, toasty, thick, chunky, thermal, woolly, magnificent, superb, wonderful, sumptuous, resplendent, luxurious, lavish, rich, gorgeous, fantastic, extravagant, brilliant, first class…I could go on…"

Marian Hall - Ruia Group

"We have just returned from a fabulous break in Torver near to Coniston, our sons had booked a cottage for 6 people to celebrate my husbands recent 60th birthday.

My first impression of the Heat Holders was how light & soft they felt on my foot. There was no tightness in the boot. Everyone commented about how comfortable the sock felt. We were out walking for 6 hours & were so proud as us old ones made to the top of the Old Man. "

John Smith - Chairman, Lostock Athletics Club

"Being a bit of an outdoor person I find that if you keep your feet happy the rest of the body feels happy, and having worn my pair of Heat Holders on numerous outdoor activities recently I can confirm this. The construction of the socks with smooth seams around the toe box and looser fitting uppers gives superb comfort when walking.

My longest walk whilst wearing the socks to date is three and a half hours, this was in the Lake District on a very cold/windy day, my feet throughout the walk were kept warm and very comfortable, on my return I checked my feet and found no sign of chaffing.

I would recommend Hear Holders to anyone"

Louis Joseph Moulden - Hill Walker

"Superb, comfortable, my feet have never been as warm."

Ms. A. Pickup - Walker

"I was given the opportunity to try these Heat Holders socks and love the bright pink!

The first time I wore them I didn't find them particularly warm, although they fit well and were quite comfortable.

I tried them again recently and found them warm and snug, even in this particularly cold weather. I will certainly consider buying another pair!"

Glyn Baxter - Walker

"I have only used these socks when walking so far. Certainly comfortable and no problems with cold feet in the snow. I like the full length and soft feel too. I would recommend this product to others."

Donna Delaney - Full House! Magazine Competition Winner

"I would like to say thank-you for my socks that I won from Full House! magazine. They are so warm which helps my feet as I have rheumatoid arthritis in every joint. Many thanks!"

Catherine - Football Fan

"I just thought I would write to let you know how fab my new Heat Holder socks are.

I received these from a friend as a gift and have been my saviour at many a football game!!! They not only keep my feet snug but also they are extremely comfy.

Thanks Heat Holders! "

Mr. J. White - Satisfied Heat Holders Customer

"These Heat Holders socks are the best socks I have ever worn and I am a bit of a sock geek! They are extremely warm and very comfortable. They feel like you have cotton wool on your feet at all times.

The only criticism I would have is that the elastic around the top of the socks could be a bit tighter, but I haven't got very big calves so they are probably fine for most people.

A wonderful pair of socks and I would advise anyone to buy as many as they can!"

Mr. F. Mollon - Satisfied Heat Holders Customer

"My socks couldn't have arrived at better time. The worst weather in 40 years in Scotland at the moment. I travel from Glasgow to Inverness everyday in all weather and my Heat Holders were a lifesaver last week! I've tried all types of 'thermal socks' over the years and Heat Holders do exactly what the label says. Now all I need is the Hat and Gloves and I'll be, as we say in Scotland: "As warm as toast"."

Mrs. R. Saver - Sailing

"Very successful wearing with a dry suit when sailing. Keeps feet very warm inside the dry suit.

Also great for padding about the house in the evening."

Mr. D. Matthews - Satisfied Heat Holders Customer

"I have tried padded and thermal (socks in the past) but none are better than Heat Holders."

Ms. K. Clarke - Sailing

"These are the snuggliest socks I've ever worn! Once my feet get cold, I usually need an external heat source to warm them back up but not with Heat Holders. Within a couple of minutes of putting them on, my feet were toasty and warm again. I was so impressed that I went out and bought them for all my family for Christmas!"

Mr. James Blick - Hotelier and Charity Adventurer

"I'd like to say how impressed I was with the Heat Holders Simon and I used on our adventure. They were truly an integral part of my kit, keeping us warm in the freezing conditions. Since returning (and after giving them a good wash!) I am still using Heat Holders at home. I am off to a charity shooting day next week – with the weather as it is I shall be packing the socks for this too; just one problem, my wife keeps stealing them!"

Mary - Satisfied Heat Holders Customer

"I recently ordered some Long Heat Holder Thermal Socks for my children and me. They arrived this morning and are absolutely fantastic! Spending most of my day either in wellies or walking on slate floors, makes cold feet in winter inevitable. These are by far the warmest socks I have ever bought. Saying I am impressed does not even come close ...thank-you! I only wish I could justify stocking my entire winter sock drawer with them."

Mr. J. Butler - Deer Stalker

"Used in Scotland while stalking woodland and hill. Very comfortable whilst walking the hills all day. Very warm when sat up waiting in the evenings for up to three hours. The temperature varied from 0oc to -18 oc. Always comfortable, never wet, after long hard walks."

Jennifer Brown - Housewife

"When I first tried Heat Holders I was hesitant, because I thought they were, or would be too thick. I originally wore them round the house in place of my usual slippers and loved the feeling of softness and warmth against my legs. Then my children discovered them and they now also wear them round the house, (as sliding slippers!) they too love the softness factor.

I suffer with rheumatism, so need to keep warm or I start to suffer pains, these socks have been fantastic for me and I now wear them in place of slippers.

I would definitely recommend these socks, as my cold feet have now warmed up. The quality of these socks is very good and I have now washed them numerous times. They dry very quickly and have retained their shape. My children would also like to recommend the lovely fleecy warm feeling and like the knee high version. We have all worn them during the snowy weather and are pleased to recommend them to anyone who suffers in the cold, or wants to keep the cold out. "

Mandy Anderson - Hon Secretary, The Whippet Club

"My Heat Holders arrived the Saturday before Christmas, the day our part of the country had 6 inches of snow. The timing was perfect – your socks kept my feet toasty warm inside my depressingly damp cold wellies!"

Bev Cook DipM MCIM, BGB Advisory - Satisfied Heat Holders Customer

"I am very impressed with Heat Socks, and very seriously, where can I get more! I really cannot believe how warm they keep your feet! A great invention!"

Randolf Köhn - Father of a football fanatic child

"Most weekends I am spending long hours watching my son play football, whilst standing next to the pitch the cold creeps in even on a relatively warm day. Putting on my layers of clothes helps but I have found 'Heat holders' to be the perfect solution to keep my feet warm and enable me to enjoy the game more!"

David Grover - BBQ Chef

"Jamie and I cook in BBQ and Dutch oven competitions and do demos for the BBQ and Dutch oven community. It was one of the coldest days of the year and we were on our way to do a Thanksgiving cooking demo in Salt Lake City. Jamie and I each put on a pair of heat holders socks and the first thing that we noticed was how soft they are, then we noticed them getting warmer and they kept the heat all day. I love them and will be getting some for my kids and telling all of the BBQ and Dutch oven folks about them too! Thanks!"


Winter Sports

Pietro Simonetti – Skier

"Heat Holders performed well in the heat retention category. I was pleased that there was a good heat exchange during strenuous activities – i.e. the garments allowed sweat to transpire across without soaking the material. Heat Holders seem extremely warm. For recreational purpose, I would highly recommend them."

Tom Russell – Skier

"I found them ideal for skiing in. I have a problem with my right foot as the sole becomes painful after a couple of hours skiing, but the thickness of the socks provided the cushioning I needed, as well as keeping my feet warmer."

Brian Richardson – Skier

"I wore yours socks at Chill Factor at Trafford Park, Manchester for a ski session of two hours last week. I wore them by themselves, whereas I normally wear two pairs of socks. The extra room allowed me more freedom for blood flow and the thickness of your socks kept my feet nicely warm. I shall wear your socks this ski season, confident of being kept warm."

Dave Renouf – Ski instructor

"As a ski instructor I was able to test the socks out on the glacier above Zermatt at temperatures of around -20'C. These socks were great and I didn't get cold feet. I got back home to Scotland and washed the socks to find out if they changed. Great news, they are as good as new."

Sarah Elton – Skier

"These socks were lovely and warm and very soft. They kept my feet warm while standing around in leather boots for hours."

Susan Beard – Ice Dancer

"The socks keep my feet lovely and warm in the evenings and I will use them in my wellies as well."

John Hodgkinson – Skier

"My initial reaction was very favourable. I used them for skiing at Chill Factor – an hour and a half session and the socks, well and truly fitted the boots. I usually have two pairs of socks on when I ski. Your socks have so much insulation that I would not have been able to wear a second pair. My overall impression is very favourable."

S.F. Bibby – Ice Dancer

"For walking purposes, and in general cold weather where larger footwear is appropriate, they are very impressive!"

Irene Harrison – Ice Skating

"I have used them indoors and walking out in trainers. They are lovely and cosy and comfortable to wear. I really noticed how cold it was when I took them off. I haven't washed them yet but I really like them."

Anney Williams - Ice Skater

"Liked the Heat Holders socks – Excellent! We have a skate shop at the rink that could sell these."

David Hill - Winter Sports

"My wife and I have just returned from a holiday in Lapland – 150km north of the Arctic Circle in Sweden. We took part in a two day Husky-sledging trek out across the tundra, staying overnight in a remote wooden cabin, far from civilisation. Temperatures throughout the trip were -25 degrees C to -30 degrees C but with my Heat Holders socks on inside my snow boots, my feet kept comfortably warm. We only removed outer clothes, before getting into our sleeping bags at the cabin, so the socks helped to keep my feet warm and comfortable overnight too!"

Jayne Mannings - Ice Skater

"I wear my heat holders when I go ice skating, they keep my feet lovely and warm in my boots.

They are much warmer than the ski socks I used to wear!"


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