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Mr. A Hocker - Farm Worker

"I work approximately ten hours per day outside on and off the farm. I would like to take this opportunity to say that they [Heat Holders] are probably the best work socks I have ever had. If you make gloves and hats I would very much like to try them!"

Mr. and Mrs. F. Kay - Farmers

"We have tried your Heat Holders socks and think they are the best socks we have ever had for warmth and comfort. As we are outdoors most of the day we found that our feet were not cold at all, even in the frosty weather. Thank-you for making such a great product!"

David Whitehed - Farmer

"Heat Holders are the most comfortable and warmest socks I have ever had. I will definitely buy some more."



Randy Zarnke, President – Alaska Trappers Association

"I am a trapper in Interior Alaska. I cover my trapline on snowshoes. I've been on the 'line several times when the temperature was colder than -25F. I've used all types of sox but have never found anything comparable to Heat Holders. The thickness provides comfort. More importantly, the sox wick away moisture. As a result, my feet remain dry and warm. I recommend Heat Holders sox at every opportunity. They are simply the best I've ever found."

Judy Johnson – Trapper

"The Heat Holders socks I received at the Alaska Trappers Association (ATA) are wonderful. They are like a slipper and sock combined. They are warm, comfortable, and very beneficial here in Alaska. Wearing them when out on the trapline, it is nice knowing that my feet are warm and protected. I recommend them to anyone here in Alaska."

Ross Beal – Trapper

"I'm a fur trapper in Fairbanks, Alaska where we experience low temperature extremes. I purchased a pair of Heat Holders socks and have been very happy with their ability to keep my feet warm and dry. Thank you very much for a great product."

Sam Stewart – Photographer

"I first bought a pair of Heat holders in January for a photography trip to the Scottish highlands. I needed some warm socks for the time out in the field.

When you first hold some Heat Holders you know they are going to be warm. They are thick and soft and instantly add a great layer of insulation inside a pair of walking boots. I have just got back from two filming trips, the latter of which was on an island off the Devon coast called Lundy. It was cold and the heat holders were amazing, both for long walks and also for waiting around on the cliffs for the right filming conditions.

Another use I have for Heat Holders is when I'm filming in a river and I'm warring my waders. My feet often get very cold if I'm in the river and heat holders really help to avoid that. I can often spend hours in a river taking photos and having great clothing makes all the difference in comfort levels.

They also are great for camping. Staying warm and sleeping well inside a tent is very important especially when you are camping night after night while working long days. They are great!"

Judith Harvey – National Park Warden

"I spend a lot of time working outdoors; Heat Holders are very comfy and warm."

Howard Morgan – Warden

"Heat Holders are ideal for working in the winter conditions; they are very warm and comfortable."

Wyn Morgan – Warden

"Heat Holders are very warm and comfortable."

Nick Jones – National Park Warden

"I have tried many different types of ‘outdoor’ socks in the past, but Heat Holders are by far the warmest I have tried, Very Pleased!"

Ian Richardson - Painter/Decorator

"Heat Holders are Ideal for standing around on a riverbank, patiently waiting for a fish to take my fly. They are also great inside my waders for when in the water. Heat Holders are exceptionally warm and comfortable for our long winter walks with the dogs. Highly recommend to everyone."

Katherine Hodge - Pilot

"I would like to get more of those incredible heat holders. Going to get a couple of pairs of the slipper sock ones for me and mummy. Now the weather is getting colder and I have hard floors I am wearing mine nearly all the time - so so cosy."

Steve Gough – Rugby Coach

"As a rugby coach, during winter times the weather gets cold and wet and being on a field for long periods of time means my feet, no matter what socks I wear, were always cold. Not any more as Heat Holders have solved that, Thanks!"

Sophie – Francesca Cullumbine - Sophies Flower Co

"I have tried all sorts to keep my feet warm when I'm stood in a cold shop in the winter, and now I have Heat Holders! Toasty warm toes makes a happy florist. Well done you clever folk!"

Richard Bowskill – Joiner – Roof Tech UK

"As a joiner, I spend a lot of time outside working on loft conversions, extensions, new builds and re-roofs. In the past I have often worn two or three pairs of socks to try and keep my feet warm, but Heat Holders keep me warm and comfortable all day, even in freezing conditions. I will be recommending them to all my colleagues".

Jenny Cross – Aberglaslyn Mountain Rescue

"Comfy, nice and warm socks, what more do you need"

Jayne Dunn – Health and Safety Consultant and Dog Walking

"These are the warmest socks I've ever worn without making your feet 'sweaty'. I wore them dog walking with wellies – they didn't slip or creep off like other socks. We were walking through woods and shallow water and they kept me lovely and warm. I've also worn them out on site when carrying out night time Health and Safety inspections. Again, they held up throughout the entire shift, without becoming damp like other socks. They were nice and comfy and I would highly recommend them to others. I will definitely. I think the thermal tights you sell will be a must for our three peaks challenge next year!"

Neil Reilly - Military Corporal

"Before you sent your Heat Holder socks out to Afghanistan, I thought that the ARMY had the best kit for dealing with different climates. With regards to socks, I was wrong.

Your Heat Holders did not just keep the feet warm but they were more comfortable, hard wearing and did not change size after being washed like our issued socks did. Our patrols would often last for hours on end. We would be walking, running and standing still for a long periods. It was a nice feeling not to have to worry about how cold your feet were and this gave me more confidence before heading out on our next patrol. A soldier can not soldier if his feet are in a bad condition.

I also gave a few pairs of Heat Holders out to my colleagues. The feedback was brilliant. They commented on how comfortable they were as I have, they just wished that the ARMY could supply a sock to that standard.

I would like to give you a big thank you, not just from me but from my colleagues as well, for Heat Holder socks. "

Carragh Teague - Head Ranger

"These socks are brilliant!

They are lovely and cosy on your feet whilst you wear them and the fluffiness stays even after you have washed them. I will definitely be buying more Heat Holders socks."

Simon Tetlow - Contingent Commander, Combined Cadet Force and Housemaster

"[Heat Holders give] remarkable warmth, particularly since we have worn them on the side of a freezing sports pitches and running outdoor activities for cadets. It was like putting your foot in a perfectly sized duvet.

They have a cosy grip which means that cadets don't have to keep hitching them up whilst running around and my one year old son even keeps them on when in his pushchair - a first! Definitely the socks for what felt like the coldest winter ever!"

Liam Sankey - Builder

"I used them at work on a building site. They are warm enough to wear only one pair of socks and they fit inside bigger boots easily. "

Ms. J. Bradshaw - Equine Dentist

"Very comfortable, lovely quality, my feet tend to get cold in steel toe capped boots (for working) but in these, they stayed warm. They are however, a little bulky for under riding boots."

Craig Jones - Wildlife Photographer

"With my job I spend long periods outside in the great outdoors, so being warm is crucial and having dry, warm feet is where it starts. I have been using these Heat Holders socks over the last two weeks and can only say that they are truly brilliant! They are warm, thick and feel great in my boots. Whilst walking they don't rub and they keep their shape well with little of no compression after wearing them for long periods. Brilliant product and I love them. "

Mr. A. Kench - Mountain Rescue and Water Rescue Team

"I am currently a member of both a Mountain Rescue team and a Water Rescue team. I do suffer from cold feet, which can be an obvious problem. I tried these socks in extremely cold conditions last winter and to my delight I found I could work in them for many hours in relative comfort. They are now part of my kit and I would recommend them to anyone."

Ed O'Keeffe - Landscape and Travel Photographer

"As a landscape and travel photographer I often find myself standing around in cold temperatures waiting around for the right light. When there is a frost on the ground there is nothing better these super thermal socks to keep my feet warm. The gentle grip elastic around the top is also surprisingly comfortable.

One of the strangest things I have discovered about these socks came when washing them, they are very thick and I would expect it would take a long time for them to dry; the opposite is the case. In my experience they dry quicker than my average cotton socks! This makes them idea for camping and travel.

I used to have to wear two or three pairs of socks, particularly for a winter sunrise or night shoot. Since discovering Heat Holders this is now thing of the past, one pair can keep my feet warm all day or night!"

John Fairclough - Wildlife Photographer

"As someone whose profession demands that I work outside in many climates, throughout all seasons of the year, I need outdoor clothing I can rely on to protect me 100%. Whilst I have no problem what so ever in obtaining the correct under and outside clothing, I have always had to make do with my footwear, by this I mean my socks, until now that is!

Throughout the recent bad weather, torrential rain, icy gales, etc I have constantly worn my Heat Holders. I am impressed to say the least. The claims are correct, not only keeping the heat in, but also letting your feet breathe. The socks are also very easy to wash and dry which is ideal when working away and weight is an issue. "

David Swift - Diving Instructor

"Best socks I have ever worn under my wet suit, my feet were toasty warm with Heat Holders."

Dan Price - Warehouse Operative at Morrison's Supermarket

"I have found the socks to be the warmest and most comfortable socks I have found to wear. Working in a large warehouse, especially in the chill area Heat Holders still kept my feet warm."

Mr. T. Wade - Labourer (Concrete Factory)

"Heat Holders socks have been fantastic. They are the first socks that have been comfortable and warm with steel toe cap boots. I will be buying some more pairs!"

Mr. D. Price - Operative in Supermarket

"Working in a chilly warehouse can be tough on your feet, especially after 9 hours! I found Heat Holders to be warm and comfortable all day!"

Matt Lane - Carpenter and Co-Founder of Lanecliffe Ltd

"I would just like to say a big thank you for recommending Heat Holders to me. I still can't believe how warm and comfortable they are.

Being a Carpenter / Joiner in the building trade I often find myself working outside throughout the winter and even ski socks fail to keep my feet warm. These Heat Holders however, do keep me warm and comfortable. I have not only been recommending them to all my work colleagues at Lanecliffe Limited, but been telling everyone I know that they should invest in a few pairs.

I only have a couple of pairs at the moment but I will be sure to get some more, as they are ideal for work and to just wear around the house."

Mr. D. Hopkins - Watersports Instructor

"We have just come off the water at Delph Sailing Club near Bolton. The temperature is 0 degrees Celsius and there is 20mph wind blowing from the North. Taking wind chill into account, the approximate temperature is around minus 5 degrees Celsius. We canoed for an hour and a half. Once member of the group was taken ashore because they became cold during the session.

I wore my Heat Holders socks for the first time and can confirm they were fit for purpose. My feet stayed warm and comfortable throughout the session!"

Ms. S. Moore - Children's Entertainer and Events Planner

"I am a children's entertainer, also an events planner running my own business which employs around 45 people. For many years I have had cold feet! I am one of those people who puts the heating on when the rest of the family are wearing T-Shirts. When working outdoors in the past, I have worn:

2 pairs of socks
Thermal socks
Hiking socks
Tights and socks…

Practically anything to try and keep my feet warm.

Now I have Heat Holders, they are honestly great! They're like a duvet for your feet! The combination of the soft lining and the warmth ensures that your feet, and as a consequence, the rest of your body, is warmer. I highly recommend them!

Other people who would benefit:

The elderly, they would be great as bed socks for the elderly as they do not have the pinching elastic.
Anyone with poor circulation, to keep them warm.
People working in outdoor environments…

Everyone should have a pair!"

Ms. A. Toole - Physiotherapist and Member of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team

"The Heat Holders socks were wonderful when I first put them on – very warm and inviting. I'd only had them for a few hours before they were put to the test on a call out on a wintry, icy hill. There's always some hanging about whilst we deal with a casualty and sort equipment, but my feet remained warm!

I also wore them on an all night call out supporting the ambulance and police in sub zero temperatures. My toes did start to feel the cold after about six hours; however I'm sure that my whole feet would have been cold with my regular socks.

I like the longer length but they could benefit from elastic at the top as they did tend to slide down my leg and bunch. For trekking they'd probably need some reinforcement at the heel/footpads, but these seem minor points.

Heat Holders are a welcome addition to my regular team kit."

Mark Parry - Bolton Mountain Rescue Team

"I love these socks.

There have been fights in my house over who gets to wear them. Over the recent cold snowy "snap" they have been fantastic in wellies. In wellies and walking boots they are the best, but in 4-season boots they may have been too good, as I found my feet would get too hot! "

Chris Greenhalgh - Fire-fighter and Mountain Rescue

"I wore these socks outdoors in some very low temperatures; they were very comfy and kept my feet really warm.

They are also useful indoors to keep your feet snug and warm on cold winter nights"

John Fletcher - Electrical Engineer and Outdoor Instructor

"I have worn my Heat Holders for a period of 3 weeks, during this time I have worn them on various call outs (which were in the snow, and minus temperatures) and also on a week-long skiing holiday in France. I have found them to be very comfortable and warm. I would therefore like to agree with the "Ultimate Thermal Sock" quote. Overall rating 10/10, absolutely fantastic, a truly great sock!"

Martin Banks - Mountain Rescue

"Nice warm socks, very comfortable when standing round in the cold… Great for the cold weather!"

Judith Waltus - Bolton Mountain Rescue

"Brilliant socks, kept my feet warm even on the hills in the coldest winter on record!"

Stella Coombe - Security Worker and Trainer

"I work in security and as we work very long hours in often freezing conditions, Heat Holders are the best socks I've found to keep my feet warm throughout long shifts at festivals and events (I have five pairs and swear by them - even in summer where they're great for nightshifts at festivals). I've tried virtually every other brand of thermal socks and Heat Holders are the best at a really affordable price."

Ken Oakes Coakes - Bolton Mountain Rescue Team

"I have used many types of walking and mountaineering socks and found this to hold the heat in my feet better than some others in freezing conditions.

They are soft and comfortable and did not bunch up in my boots but they do not always stay up on the leg. My overall score for them is 9 out of 10."

Vernon Garry Rhones MBE - Team Leader, Bolton Mountain Rescue Team

"I was issued with my pair of Heat Holders on Sunday the 12th December 2010. First impression: a thick sock, therefore must be warm. First impression when putting them on: instant feeling of comfort and very warm!

I've used them since Sunday 12th December as much as I can (between washes), in shoes, trainers, boots and 4 x season mountaineering boots as well as in all types of wintry weather: snow, ice, intense cold, wet! I've ever worn them indoors with slippers.

They are very comfy, very warm and despite repeated washing, have fully retained their thickness. I've used them for winter climbing, walking the local hills in snow, snow sledging and just lounging about; they are always warm, have retained their fluffiness and are always comfortable. I've worn them on Emergency Calls Outs during recent snowfalls. Believe me, the last thing on such that I want to worry about is having cold feet and with Heat Holders this hasn't been a problem at all."


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