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Heat Holders® and Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy is a permanent movement disorder that affects young children in their early childhood. Temperature irregularities and cold feet are among the common symptoms that affect children who suffer from the condition, as per our customer reviews.  

We receive many reviews from happy customers, thankful to have discovered Heat Holders®! Read the reviews from real customers below and try Heat Holders® today!

"With near record breaking snowfall amounts and arctic cold here in the northeast U.S., I didn't have to worry about Corrina, my four year old with cerebral palsy, out waiting for her school bus, or my husband, out clearing away the snow, thanks to Heat Holders. They were nice and toasty with their gloves, socks, and hats. I didn't have to worry about Corrina pulling off her scarf, since the neck warmer pulls over her head." - Chris L. 

"I bought these for my 10 year old granddaughter who has cerebral palsy and is always so cold. These socks are the first thing we have found that keep her warm." - Rosemary A.

"My 6 year old has cerebral palsy and has trouble with circulation/temperature regulation. She recently decided that she likes wearing dresses. These tights allow her to do that, even with record breaking cold temps we're currently experiencing. She also has Heat Holder socks, throw, and neck warmer. She is one toasty, happy girl!!" - Chris L. 

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