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Heat Holders® and Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition faced by many whereby an individual's body doesn't product enough insulin to meet their body's needs. The symptom that diabetics suffer from the most are cold feet, based on our customer reviews. Heat Holders® are non-binding, diabetic friendly and provide relief for cold feet due to circulation problems.

We receive many reviews from happy customers, thankful to have discovered Heat Holders®! Read the reviews from real customers below and try Heat Holders® today!

"I have had type 1 diabetes for 36 years and my feet are always cold. I think I've tried just about every sock on the market and NONE of them performed as well as Heat Holders®. Within seconds of putting them on my feet warm up and stay warm! Love, love, love, them!!!" - Mary D.

"I wear them to bed & they really work to keep my extra cold feet warm. I have diabetes & these are non-binding, so they do not hurt my feet." - Linda M.

"I am diabetic and my feet stay cold during winter. I have tried everything. My Granddaughter gave me these socks for Christmas and they are the warmest I have ever tried. I promptly ordered 2 more pairs. They are great." - Gary K.

"I bought these for my 75 year old father. He is diabetic and has poor circulation. He also has no fat pad on the bottom of his feet, so, being anatomically incorrect his feet are very sensitive. Diabetes and poor circulation leaves him very cold. These keep him warm and are soft enough to keep sensitive feet as comfortable as possible. That these socks can fit this bill is amazing!" - Kristi T.

"My husband is a diabetic who always complains of cold feet. With Heat Holders®, the complaints stopped." - Gertrude G. 

"I am a diabetic severely troubled with cold feet at night, after trying lots of socks I stumbled onto Heat Holders® and for the first time in years I have had a full night's sleep with no cold feet. They are comfortable with no binding while keeping my feet warm." - Barney H. 

"Bought these for my diabetic husband last year and he couldn't believe what a difference they made." - Robin A.

"This was a Christmas present for my father in law who is diabetic. His feet are always cold. Until now. He loves these socks! Also got him another brand of a similar sock but these are his favorite. He says they just don't compare." - Kristine V. 

Heat Holders® - Making Life Warmer™

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