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Heat Holders® and Arthritis

Arthritis is caused due to the inflammation of one or more of your joints. Many of our customers, based on the reviews, experience joint pain and stiffness due to the condition and require warmth for their joints to relieve the pain and stiffness they experience. 

We receive many reviews from happy customers, thankful to have discovered Heat Holders®! Read the reviews from real customers below and try Heat Holders® today!

"I purchased these joint warmers for my 92 year old mother. My mother has very bad arthritis in her knees and not only did the warmers provide support but they also provided much needed warmth to the joint area." - Marybeth W.

"I'm disabled and spend all of my time at home.Your socks are great. My feet are arthritic and they must be kept warm. I feel safe when I'm off the carpet. Your socks don't let me slip. I'm giving a pair to both of my sisters. You have wonderful products. I love them." - Mary Z. 

"Got the ladies leather gloves for an early Christmas gift for my wife & she loves them, keeps her hands nice & toasty so the arthritis doesn't stiffen her fingers." - Richard R.

"These socks are not only the warmest, but for me the only socks I can wear as I have a fallen arthritic arches in my foot. Your socks give my feet that extra cushion that I need to be able to walk, I wear them year around, even when it's 90 degrees out. And last night I was outside at 10 degrees and my feet were toasty warm. Local stores now carry them, maybe because I'm always telling everyone how great they are. I now buy the older kids socks as they are just as warm as the women's, but fit my small feet a little better. Usually companies that make kids socks a lot less thick, I guess they think kids don't need warm thick socks. I can't say enough about your socks, don't ever change them." - Tessa B.

"I've been using the socks before bed and no more arthritic, COLD, feet. It's a great product. Does what it says! Thanks again, will buy more in the future!" - Daimon S.

"Mittens work well for my arthritis. I cannot feel the cold with these gloves on." - Bertie S

"These were bought as a gift for a young lady with severe ankle arthritis & she just loves them. I have placed this seller on my favorites list." - Angela D.

 Heat Holders® - Making Life Warmer™

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