Heat Holders® thermal socks are available in different designs and colors. Whether you prefer solid, twist or stripe designs, the only difference is visual style, not warmth. All solid, twist and stripe styles are available in different lengths. We have outlined each style below to make your browsing simple and your decision easier!


Our many solid styles are made from single-colored yarn that makes a uniform, solid colored sock.

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Men's Original Socks Women's Ultra Lite


The twist style is made from marled yarn. Marled yarn is created by twisting different colored yarn strands together to achieve the unique multi-toned (twist) effect.

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Men's Twist Socks Women's Twist Socks 


People come in different stripes, and so do our socks! Bold and stylish, are stripes right for you?

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 Men's Stripe Socks  Men's Multi Twist Stripe Socks


Slipper socks are perfect to wear while lounging around the house! With non-slip grippers on the soles, slipper socks provide better traction on indoor wood or tiled surfaces. Slipper socks are available in solid, twist and stripe styles. 

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  Men's Siskin Slipper SocksMen's Siskin Stripe Slipper Socks

With so many styles to choose from, your feet will always be warm and in style!

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