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Luxury Down Blanket




Size: 90" X 96", Approximately Queen Size
Note: Order maximum 2 units per order, all colors combined

Superior duck down and fine feathers are used to create a luxurious blanket that is soft, lightweight and stylish.

Duck down works with your body to create your very own natural sleeping environment, helping to regulate your temperature as you sleep. Combine this with a 233 thread count, fine cotton cambric and you have the ultimate sleeping experience.

The combination of modern stitched squares and traditional satin edging brings you a blanket which oozes class and style.

  • 90" X 96", 229cm X 244cm
  • Cover: 100% Pure Cotton, Filling: White Duck Down
  • 2-2.5 Tog Rating
  • Imported

Care and Washing Recommendations:
-Shake daily and regularly. Air outside a few times a year.
-This blanket is easy care and rarely needs to be washed.
-Spillages: Gently dab up excess spillage with a tissue. Rinse under the tap. Dab with an absorbent cloth and dry thoroughly.
-General soiling: Shake filling to one end. Gently wash at the other end with a weak solution of warm water and natural liquid soap detergent. Repeat the process from the other side. Shake the filling back and dry thoroughly.
-Machine washing: Launderette. Use small quantity of natural liquid soap detergent. Select warm 40c wash and fast spin speed. Hot tumble dry until the filling is completely dry to avoid mildew.
-General warning: do not use fabric conditioner.

Note: Order maximum 2 units per order, all colors combined