Heat Holders celebrate 4th July Independence Day

Happy 4th of July! A great day to honor the beloved country we call home and proudly celebrate it. From participating in the national anthem, to backyard parties and flag raising, today is a day full of American themed activities and fun for the whole family. Enjoy our awesome ideas below!

Explore A National Park:

Depending on where you are in the United States will dictate where you get to explore! Grab your family or friends and plan ahead for a day trip or a road trip to a national park. While there, make sure to enjoy unique hiking trails, camping grounds, or local wineries. Pack a delicious and nutritious lunch and prepare for a spontaneous picnic by the beach or with a mountain view. Don’t forget to bring a map and camera to keep a record of your great new sights and discoveries!

Where can you travel to this July 4th?

Paint The Lawn White, Blue and Red:

By purchasing some outdoor spray paint specifically for lawns, you can enjoy being creative with your backyard July 4th decorating! Explore by painting a few blue rectangles over the grass (complete with a white star in the middle), and spray some white and red stripes around them to represent the flag stripes of the 13 original American colonies. Or, stay classic and recreate the full American flag on the yard or driveway. If you are expecting guests over, try painting on a message to welcome them in such as, “Happy July 4th!” or “Don’t Hide Your American Pride!”.

Heat Holders celebrate 4th July Independence Day party

Make a Homemade Flag:

By using a few supplies, constructing a flag to proudly hang outdoors on the porch or from the garage is totally possible! Purchase affordable plastic vertical blinds that have at least 13 plastic blinds to use for the stripes of the flag. Using spray paint, paint 7 blinds red and 6 blinds white. For the “union”, also known as the blue rectangle in the top-left corner of the flag, use painter’s tape to cleanly spray paint on part of the blue rectangle to the blinds that will be in the top-left area of the flag. Once dry, add fifty star stickers to the union to represent each of our fifty great American states. Once complete, attach the blinds (alternating in red and white, according to the flag) to its slide rack, and allow your homemade American flag to hang outside with pride.

American Flag Desserts:

As long as the dessert includes the colors blue, white and red (and some sugar of course), creating a delicious July 4th treat to satisfy your sweet tooth is easy! If you're craving cake, try baking a simple vanilla cake and decorate the top with white icing and red strawberries for the stripes and blueberries for the blue rectangle on the flag. Or, if you’d prefer a cold treat to refresh you on the hot summer day, try making white, blue, and red popsicles using a popsicle tray and freezing white grape juice, red watermelon juice or blueberry fruit juice into the trays! If you have difficulty finding the right colors, using Koolaid juice or food coloring will work too.

What is your favorite dessert to make?

Create An American History Trivia Challenge:

Can you name the first official capital city of the United States? Or when the first US dollar bill was printed? Perhaps you can, but how about your family and friends? Whether you will be celebrating in person or online, sending your close ones challenging trivia questions will add to the excitement for July 4th. Prepare a scorecard in advance and determine the winners to be awarded with some sweet July 4th treats including a few of those US bills or US paraphernalia!

Do you know how many stars were on the original American flag?

Heat Holders celebrate 4th July Independence Day - sing the national anthem

Partake In The National Anthem:

Show appreciation for all those who defend us and have worked to defend us throughout our history. While hosting a July 4th party, invite a guest to perform the national anthem by singing or by playing an instrument while the rest of the guests stand and sing along in honor. To get your guests involved further, purchase some mini sound-makers in advance such as blow horns, clappers, or tiny drum kits to recreate an American Day themed parade in the backyard!

With all the excitement in the air, make sure to end the festive day by watching a firework show. This may be done safely from your backyard or neighborhood park with a small firework kit or sparklers, or by watching an annual firework spectacle online or on TV. Whatever you have in store for July 4th this year, we hope it is a safe one full of fun. We are proud to be American!

Happy 4th of July!


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