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The warmest Thermal Sock, Ever.

Heat Holders® utilizes three revolutionary sock weights based on TOG ratings a test that measures the heat holding of fabric. Heat Holders® ORIGINAL thermal socks scored an astounding TOG 2.3! This is 7x warmer than cotton socks and almost 3x warmer than ordinary thermal socks!


Choosing the perfect warmth. Made easy.

The ORIGINAL™ collection comprises of our traditional Heat Holders® that are thick, chunky and provide the ultimate warmth. The LITE™ collection has been designed with a medium thick profile and are thinner than the Originals.

The ULTRA LITE™ collection has been designed to provide our famous thermal protection and comfort in a lightweight profile. No matter what warmth collection you choose, Heat Holders® socks will provide you with the best in warmth and comfort for your feet! Heat Holders® The Warmest Thermal Sock™

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Ultra Lite socks

3x warmer*

*Warmer than a regular cotton sock.

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