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Get light-weight relief with
Heat Holders ULTRA LITE® t-shirts
& socks this summer!

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Available in levels of warmth

Choosing the perfect warmth. Made easy.

The ORIGINAL™ collection comprises of our traditional Heat Holders® that are thick, chunky and provide the ultimate warmth. The LITE™ collection has been designed with a medium thick profile and are thinner than the Originals.

The ULTRA LITE™ collection has been designed to provide our famous thermal protection and comfort in a lightweight profile. No matter what warmth collection you choose, Heat Holders® socks will provide you with the best in warmth and comfort for your feet! Heat Holders® The Warmest Thermal Sock™

*Warmer than a regular cotton sock.

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Toestie the Dinosaur in bed reading about Peripheral Neuropathy, with feet humorously depicted as frozen in ice blocks. | Heat Holders® for Neuropathy

Warmth, Softness & Comfort for Neuropathy Relief

Living with neuropathy means facing the constant challenge of cold feet and legs, a common symptom that can seriously impact you or your loved one's quality of life. Heat Holders® socks are designed to provide unparalleled warmth, softness, and comfort and, over the years, our customers constantly tell us that Heat Holders® thermal socks offer relief from the symptoms of neuropathy.
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Embracing Unpredictable Warmth: A Layered Approach to Comfort

Fluctuating temperatures call for a flexible approach to comfort. By layering your clothing and adjusting your home's coziness levels, you can stay ahead of the weather's whims.
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Saturday Stuff: Top Tips for Getting Chores Done in Comfort

Just how much warmth will you need this Saturday? From Saturday shopping errands, to taking the dog on a good long walk, to celebrations of all sor...