How to Keep the Kids (and You!) Warm this Halloween

Halloween is creeping ‘round the corner!

Keeping the parents warm

Are you thinking about how to stay warm for trick or treating? From pirates, to princesses, to happy hippies, ensure your perfect Halloween costume includes just the right amount of spooky, silly, and warmth with the best Heat Holders® gear this year!

Base Layers

Shiver me timbers! Did you know pirates like to keep warm too? Well, pirate-parents, anyway. Fortunately they can, using our Heat Holders® Base Layers

Our beloved Base Layers are available in both Tops and Bottoms and in 3 levels of warmth profiles based on your individual warmth needs and activity levels.

  1. ULTRA LITE:  Lightweight warmth, ideal for everyday cold.
  2. LITE: Medium weight warmth, ideal for very cold days.
  3. ORIGINAL: Heavy weight warmth, ideal for extreme cold days.

Our warm Base Layers Bottoms (available in Men’s and Women’s either footed or footless) make for the perfect underlayer. Walk the plank all night long using Base Layers Bottoms, made from Heat Holders® superior insulating yarn and soft-brushed inner pile that maximizes warm air held close to the skin to provide ultimate insulation. Base Layers’ built-in stretch and elasticated waistband will not only keep your spooky night breathable and comfortable, but just may be able to hold a pirate sword or two too!

Base Layers Tops (available in several long-sleeve styles) will be a great addition under any prancing princess costume or ghastly ghoul outfit. These form-fitting Base Layer Tops hug close to the skin, while being breathable and keeping you warm. Try matching the Top with a pair of Base Layer Bottoms for extra protection, available in both footed and footless styles! 

Reflective Gear (Worxx® Collection) 

Make the fun a little less scary using Heat Holders® reflective Worxx® collection. Adults wearing the durable and bright reflective hats, gloves, and neckwarmers can help keep kids safe and noticeable while out trick-or-treating!

Keeping the kids warm

Themed Socks

Did you know Heat Holders® has a rocking array of themed socks made specifically for kids?

From Star Wars, Avengers, to Spiderman, ensure your young ones keep the hero theme this Halloween, while showcasing their favorite media icons! To add to their costumes, try pairing high socks to act as part of their superhero suit. 

Don’t forget a cape, or to wear a warm hat underneath a mask or headgear too!


Did you know our extremities are normally the first parts of our bodies to feel cold? That’s because our fingers and toes are furthest away from our hearts and is why it takes longer for blood to circulate to these areas and why we experience feelings of cold or numbness there.

Knowing this, it's a good idea to ensure fingers and toes stay toasty with your costume of choice. From neon-reflective gloves, bright red kids gloves, or a sleek white knit, Heat Holders® has the perfect pair for every mitt!

Gloves for kids are also a great way to finish off any superhero costume, a wedding bride costume, or hardworking fisherman fit. 

Whatever scary sights you have planned for Halloween, make sure to layer up and keep warm using our top insulating Heat Holders® products that will keep you feeling fearless all night long!

Don’t fear the cold this Halloween.

Happy Halloween everyone!




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