Layer Up for All Day Comfort

Do you know how to layer for your day ahead?

If you have a busy winter season coming up, check out these quick tips to ensure you’re utilizing your wardrobe to optimize your warmth, comfort, and needs depending on what you've to get done!

A Day of Errands at the Mall

Heading to the mall today?

Whether you're celebrating a birthday, planning an event at your home, grocery shopping, or taking advantage of post-holiday sales, ensure you're comfortable for the entire day. From the moment you step out of your home, you want to feel protected yet comfortable in layers, and leave knowing you have the option to quickly tuck away a layer if you feel too hot, and add it back as soon as you need. 

Base Layers tops and bottoms are the perfect place to start. With their seamless design, form-fitting wear, and sweat-protection technology, these lightweight tops and bottoms will keep you dry and warm the entire day. Bonus: The tops are easy to style simply by adding a detailed scarf for color!

Remember, if you're driving, see if you can park close to the mall entrance so you can quickly get inside from the cold, and only need to pack a light side purse or bag. When needed, store away the additional scarf layer or vest so you can focus on the 'store task' in-front of you. 

A Day on The Plane

Do you have travel plans this winter?

Carrying your heavy winter coat to the tropics and back seems a little silly. When travelling to the airport, try layering instead! Start with a tank-top first, then follow with the Heat Holders® Base Layer top, followed by a zip vest, a hoody, or a zip jacket, then perhaps a final scarf.

Packing an extra hat for the plane may be a good idea too. You never know how long you may have to wait on the airport runway or if you'll be chilly in your seat.

By packing in layers, you can always add or remove a layer until you're comfortable. A scarf can also double as a rolled-up as a pillow under your neck for your hours in the sky!

A Day of Outdoor Tasks

Do you plan to be outdoors today?

Whether your day ahead includes shoveling the snow after a wicked white storm, repairing a window outside the house, or simply going for a leisurely walk in the winter woods, layering will keep you warm!

No More Cold Feet!®

If you'll be spending longer periods of time outside, make sure to start from the bottom up! Keeping your feet warm is key to overall body comfort, so opting for our Heat Holders® Original™ socks will be best. These socks are available in our thickest profile, and are made to defeat the winter chills all-day long.

As you prepare to stay outdoors, ensure you have a sturdy, waterproof pair of boots available, and also a sturdy pair of gloves to cover all your extremities. If you will be completing some repair work at night, try out our Heat Holders® Worxx Collection gloves that offer high visibility colors and reflective strips to remain visible throughout the late hours. Base Layer bottoms will also allow you to keep comfortable for longer hours, and then consider layering on a wool pair of sweatpants or snow pants if your outdoor plans include adventurous territory! 

Layers for Outdoor Activities 

Any fun way to get active and stay connected with those you love is important! Whether you’re planning a day skating at city hall, tobogganing hillside, or a snowball fight in the backyard, make sure you can keep the smiling faces happy with warmth. 

If heading to city hall, start with a base layer then add on a warm wool sweater, a thick jacket, a hat, and a scarf tucked into your jacket, to ensure safety while skating. It may also be a good idea to wear a lightweight knapsack to store away gloves and hats if  you go inside to indulge in a cup of hot cocoa after!

If you will be tobogganing this evening, start with Base Layers, and make sure all extremities are covered at all costs. This can be done by including our socks, gloves, and hats (available for kids too!). Once worn, it is a good idea to wear waterproof materials such as snow pants, snow boots, and a cozy winter coat to keep the warmth in, while the Base Layer will keep you dry as you stay active outdoors. 

These items will also work wonders as you head outside for a good ol’ snowball fight. Since you stay snuggly warm, you (and the kids!) can have fun for hours frolicking in the white flakes!

Whatever your plans for the winter days ahead are, know that you can be promised the utmost level of comfort and protection no matter what so you can continue to enjoy the beauty winter has to offer!

Stay warm in winter everyone!

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