Layering is the Key!

Layering is the key to convenience and 'comfortability' this season! At Heat Holders®, we're proud to share our Base Layers collection, products to keep you perfectly warm but also let you strip down in changeable weather! 

Base Layers Tops

Whether you are heading outdoors for a jog, running errands in a local farmer’s market, or getting ready for a trip away to the ski slopes, Base Layers tops are the top tee to get the job done. 

With multi-directional stretch and shape-retention, Base Layers Tops allow for ease of motion through rigorous activities and with a soft finish that feels so soft next to the skin. They are quick-drying, made with moisture-wicking and odor control properties, and have flat seams that minimize bulk while keeping you protected, dry, and comfortable. Whether lounging indoors, or heading outdoors during the fall and/or winter season, a Base Layer T-shirt will combine perfectly with a vest or jacket layer on-top!

For added convenience, all our Base Layers Tops are available in our ORIGINAL, LITE and ULTRA LITE profiles for specific warmth needs.

Base Layers Bottoms

The perfect addition to your Base Layers Tops are a pair of Base Layers Bottoms!

Also available in our 3 warmth profiles for both men and women, Base Layers Bottoms will keep users feeling their best while conquering any and all fall or winter tasks both indoors and out. 

With our precise knitting technology results in the perfect four-way stretch to maintain freedom, movement, and fit with flat seams perfect for layering other pants on top of. 

The moisture and odor management technology will keep your bottoms staying dry, fresh, and comfortable all-day long. Our dual brushing (brushed both inside and out) will maximize warmth and softness while providing a comfortable non-chafing fit close to your skin. 

How To Add Layers

How will you top up your Base Layers outfit?

At Heat Holders®, we know the busy fall and winter seasons can leave you juggling around many tasks in one day. Wearing Base Layer products will help you have a productive and fun season!

Plans to head to the ski slopes? 

Try starting your day by using a Base Layer Top & Bottom combination in the LITE profile. This level of warmth is great while driving for hours to the ski slopes or waiting in line indoors to pick up ski equipment but will keep you cuddly warm under your coat while flying down those hills.

Plans to travel to a sunny destination during the winter?

Try starting your day by using a Base Layer Top + Bottom combination in the ULTRA LITE profile. The lightweight fabric will be easy to add layers to (such as a jacket, or scarf) while on the plane or heading to the airport, but will also be perfect to wear to arrive at your sunny vacay destination without overheating.

Plans to complete outdoor home chores? 

Try starting your day by using a Base Layer Top + Bottom combination in the ORIGINAL profile. This combination (also our thickest profile) will help you retain your heat while outdoors, even for hours by keeping heat trapped next to your skin. The added moisture wicking and odor management will keep you dry, fresh and comfortable whether outdoors shoveling the snow after a winter storm, or hanging up the holiday lights for the festive celebrations soon approaching! 

Layering Products

Not sure just what to add on-top of your Base Layer just yet?

Heat Holders® has just the right layer for you ranging from our ORIGINAL Zip Vest, Plush Zip-Front Jacket, and Jax Plaid Shirt Jackets. These products not only will add a stylish flair to your outfit, but will add protection like no other. Features such as ORIGINAL weight dual brushed fleece, four pockets, and two-way zippers for ease of temperature control and to zip up/down while wearing gloves makes these Zip Vests and Jackets a great way to deal with variable temperatures.

We hope your season is layered with the most fun and warmth yet! 



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