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It’s great to be back at the office. Still, many offices are not in control of their own environment and if your building management is a little over-eager or your space is close to a major airflow, you could be shivering your timbers all summer even though it’s sweltering outside.

So. What to do if your office is frigid? Here are some tips to make a big difference to your comfort - and your performance, too! Heat Holders® is dedicated to Making Life Warmer® everywhere, including at the office! Read on!

Turn Off the Cold Air Vent

If you’re constantly bringing up the temperature in the office and no one else is, you may be sitting too close to the fans moving the air conditioning through the building or you might have a vent letting too much of the chilly air in for the size of your space. You might be able to regulate the temperature by shutting or blocking your flow vents.

Layer Up with a Warm Base Layer

Layering is the key to staying warm because it helps trap warm air next to your body. Try a warm base layer, like our Heat Holders® Women's ULTRA LITE™ Base Layer Tops that keep you warm all day without the bulk of a full sweater.

Toestee the Heat Holders dragon experiences the contrast between the air-conditioned inside, and the summer outside

Don’t Forget Warm Socks for Your Toes…

Cold feet? A lot of us can feel warm all over---except our toes. Toestee says: try a pair of socks: Heat Holders® ULTRA LITE™ socks for men and women are 3x warmer than a regular cotton sock, are thin, and are classically styled for the office. Keep a few different pairs in your desk for those times when the air conditioning is too chilly. Or consider a pair of slipper socks that will keep those toes toasty and let you pad around safely.

…And Warm Gloves for Your Hands

And if you’re a person who feels the cold in your hands (and so many of us do), consider a pair of Touch Screen Gloves that will keep your hands nice and warm but let you work on any electronic device without the bother of removing your gloves every time!

Warm Drinks and Foods That Keep You warm

If you’re feeling cold, try a comforting, warm drink. Ginger tea, in particular, is not only soothing but also diaphoretic, meaning it will help your body warm from the inside out. Coffee also makes you feel warmer because the caffeine in coffee speeds up your metabolism.

Various foods might help you feel warmer, too. Though some foods don’t have an immediate effect, they will help over time.

  • Consider a spicy meal at lunch because your body will naturally warm up in reaction!
  • Ensure your iron levels are up to snuff by eating red meat, beans, lentils, or nuts.
  • Drink water! Dehydration can drop your body temperature, and you may not even feel thirsty. Make a habit of constantly drinking water throughout the day.
  • Bananas can give your thyroid and adrenal glands a kick – which helps your body regulate its temperature.
Tostee the Heat Holders dragon feeling the cold when the air conditioning is on too high

    Use the Stairs

    A little exercise will help keep you feeling nice and warm, so why not get up periodically and take a brisk walk around the office? Consider using the stairs when visiting colleagues on another floor or going for coffee. It will warm you up, and it’s good for your overall health. Adults need about 75 minutes of moderate exercise weekly to help them stay healthy! Why not get that exercise and stay warm?

    A Warm Blanket Does the Trick!

    In an icy office situation, a blanket for your legs will keep you snuggly and let you get your mind back to your work. Heat Holders® offers a Personal Sized Throw made from luxuriously soft fleece and which keeps your legs warm while you sit at your desk.

    Together We Can Make Life Warmer at the Office

    You spend eight hours there every day, so why not be comfortable? Heat Holders® products are available year-round to help you stay warm–and focused at work. Visit us at!



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