Poor circulation is experienced when there is a reduction of blood flow to a specific part of your body. Many individuals with this health issue experience coldness in their feet, calves and legs.

We receive many reviews from customers who suffer from poor circulation and have discovered Heat Holders®! Read the reviews from real customers below and try Heat Holders® today!

"Nothing had worked on my feet to keep them warm. Nothing! I have poor circulation and these comfy fluffy pink socks from heaven keep them so very nice and toasty! Got a pair for my hubby too who works outside in the winter he loves them!" - Lauron N. 

"I ordered three pairs of socks for my girlfriend as a Christmas gift. She had poor circulation and is constantly bothered by cold feet. She says these are the first and only socks she's ever worn that truly keep her feet as warm as she likes. She is very happy with them and I would definitely recommend these socks to anyone with chronic chilly feet." - John T. 

"I have poor circulation in my calves and feet so I wear these from the time I get home from work to when I get up the next morning excluding times when I'm working in my yard. No more cold feet. they are so worth the price. Thank you heat holders!" - Jack B.

"I have spent a lot of $ in the last few years trying to find proper socks to wear in bed! I have poor circulation. They all failed until I discovered Heat Holders! Make the story short, buy them you will thank me later!" - Mounir K. 

"Purchased for my wife as a Christmas gift. She has such poor circulation in her legs that she is just freezing. These Heat Holders have changed her life. Even driving home from work at days end she still is warm and comfortable. I purchased three pairs and am looking to buy more. Thank You Heat Holders!" - Robert S. 

"Trying to find socks for my 91 year Father has been a challenge; he's a healthy active person with poor circulation in his feet and calves. Every sock I found was either too tight, loose or wouldn't hold up. I was very happy to come across your wonderful socks that have pleased him so much! Thank you!" - Yvonne D. 

"My husband has very cold feet because of poor circulation. I had purchased a pair of these socks in November. He loves them! So I decided to get two more pair for him as a Christmas present. They made a perfect gift for my husband and he loves them and they keep his feet so warm and he tells me they are very thick and soft and comfortable. I would definitely recommend this product and this company and would order from them again." - Lana E. 

"My 9 year old daughter has complex medical needs. She has trouble regulating her temperature and has poor circulation. These socks are great for her. They keep her feet snugly warm, but not sweaty. I actually started wearing one of her pair and I love them too. Then my 11 year old son wore a pair and I couldn't get them back from him! We will be ordering more!" - Cindy S. 

"I got these to wear to a night race in Daytona in February. I have poor circulation to my feet, so they get cold easily. My feet were comfortable all day, from day to night, when I was sitting and not moving about. Delighted to have found a product that performs!"  - Lisa C. 

"I ordered the men's socks, slipper socks and a throw -- all are wonderful. My husband has very poor circulation in his legs and feet and the socks have been a blessing to him -- he loves them as they are perfect now that our weather has turned colder. I will be ordering again soon." - Sharon H. 

"My father loves your nice, warm socks. He is 90 years old and has poor circulation in his feet. He wears the Heat Holders all year long!" - Glenda B. 

"I bought these for my daughter because I had a pair of the slipper socks & fell in love with them !! My feet are always cold because of poor circulation and my feet stay so warm!!!" - Karen F. 

"Well, approaching 70 years old with poor circulation in the right foot. Cold feet (esp. the right) have been a problem for the last several years. Good quality wool socks, slippers from several outfits helped depending on around house, in boots, mocs and in bed at night. Then I went for your socks. Seemed expensive but not so much in relation to quality warm products out there. And guess what-ANYBODY with a similar situation should get some of your socks! A little bit of chill in the right depending on shoe ware and circumstances BUT not much. I love what your product has done for me. Bought 2 and then 2 more pair and have been wearing them every day! Beautiful product. Once I actually had to remove them! In the recliner under a blanket with the house at around 50 degrees the feet got a little too hot! Ha! Ha! Thanks so much guys, you earned your bucks and keep up the good work. P.S. I don't often get so long winded with product evals but your socks are worth it and you should know." - Allen C. 

For more information on poor circulation please see the Mayo Clinic.

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