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A key part of buying new socks is deciding what length is the right one for you, and the activities you have planned! All of our socks come in a variety of styles and offer incredible warmth. To help with your decision, we have created a list to help you pick the perfect length for you.


Ankle LengthMen's & Women's Ankle
Description: Short ankle length. When to wear: Ankle length socks are perfect to help keep your feet toasty and warm while lounging around the house! As well, they can be worn to bed for those who suffer from cold feet while sleeping.

Crew LengthMen's & Women's Crew 
Description: Mid-calf length. When to wear: Looking for some warmth for your legs too? The crew length is the perfect choice. They can be worn everyday with boots or shoes, or inside too.

Long LengthMen's & Women's Long
Description: Just under the knee length. When to wear: With the extra long length, these socks will provide you with the ultimate warmth for your legs and feet. They pair perfectly with boots and are great for spending time outdoors in cold winter months. As well, they make great socks to wear while taking part in winter sports, such as skiing and snowboarding.

Find the perfect length of Heat Holders® socks to keep your feet (and legs) warm and cozy!