Men's Big/Tall Ankle Slipper Socks


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Men's Big/Tall Ankle Slipper Socks Packaging Red

Men's Big/Tall Ankle Slipper Socks



Size: Men's 13-15
Also fits: Women's 14-16

The same warmth and comfort as the original Heat Holders® Crew sock, but in an Extra Large size and a shorter ankle length! Includes non-slip grippers on the bottom to provide better traction on indoor wood or tiled surfaces. 

Keep feet warm on the coldest of days and pull on this pair of solid color, slipper style, extra large, ankle length Heat Holders® for men, the warmest thermal sock.

Thick, chunky and with a massive tog rating of 2.34, Heat Holders® are made from a specially developed heavy bulk yarn which has extreme thermal qualities. With long pile cushioning, these thermal socks will help keep feet fully comfortable and supported.

The inside of each sock has been intensively brushed that not only feels sensationally soft but also traps warm air close to the skin keeping your feet warmer for longer.

Heat Holders® are non-binding. They are diabetic friendly and provide relief for cold feet due to circulation problems.

Fiber Composition: 91% Acrylic, 5% Nylon, 3% Polyester, 1% Elastane.