Heat Holders house cleaning tips

Cleaning the house is a task we all have to do. Whether you live alone, with a partner, young children or pets, there always seems to be something to do around the house!

Yet noting some of these insightful tips can help you save time and energy so you can get back to doing what you love.

Perhaps you have an entire weekend to dedicate to home cleaning or just a few minutes per day. Whatever your chore agenda may look like, try these quick and easy tips to freshen up your home no matter the season.

Make glasses shine:

Add white vinegar to glassware for five minutes before rinsing to help remove built-up film and leave the glass twinkling once dry.

Repurpose candle holders:

With steaming hot water, melt the remains of a candle in its holder and use a paper towel to scoop out the remaining residue. With the empty holder, repurpose it as glassware for tea, or a new pen and pencil holder.

Refresh your coffee maker:

Make a solution consisting of half vinegar, and half water, and brew it in the coffee maker. Let the solution sit in the pot for 30 minutes, then brew a second pot of only water to keep it fresh for your next morning’s cup of joe.

Buff up the floor:

With hardwood floors, use a sturdy sock to scrub away any markings. With larger markings, add a small amount of baking soda to a damp cloth first and gently rub the markings away.

Walnuts for the wood:

If you have wood furniture with some scuffing, try rubbing a walnut over the scuff to help mask the damage.

The magical all-purpose cleaner:

This easy-to-make and even easier-to-use solution includes 4 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 quart of warm water, to easily wipe away messes with a sponge. Try it for yourself on countertops, appliances and the fridge.

Refresh the shower head:

Using a solution of half vinegar and half water, pour the solution into a plastic bag and tie the bag around the shower head. Let the solution soak the shower head for an hour then remove the bag and wipe off the loosened grime.

Heat Holders house cleaning tips washing line

Leave odors at the door:

Leave the stench of your successful workout outside of the house by adding baking soda into your shoes or gym bag to keep your items fresh for your next session. This trick also works great to eliminate odors on your pet’s favorite items too. Sprinkle a small amount of baking soda on their bed or rug, let sit for 15 minutes, then vacuum the remains up to keep your beloved feline friend(s) safe.

Kids marker masterpieces:

If the young ones (or yourself!) have accidentally painted the hardwood with markers, use toothpaste to easily scrub away the marking and keep the wood mess-free.

Organize the jewelry:

If you have any de-tangling of necklaces to tackle, sprinkle baby powder on the necklace first to make it easier to pull apart the tangled chains with a pin.

Shine up your silver:

Wet your dull silverware or silver jewelry first, then apply a small amount of toothpaste around the item. Rinse and dry the silver with a cloth, and enjoy its shine just like new!

De-stain the cutting boards:

Sprinkle salt or baking soda onto the cutting board and then scrub a cut lemon on it to remove the stains.

Grime-free the microwave:

To make cleaning of the interior easier, heat-up a cup of water with several teaspoons of vinegar and chopped lemon until the microwave window is foggy. Let the cup sit inside for 5 minutes, then easily wipe the food grime away for good.

Iron right away:

Don’t wait for your delicate clothing items to dry before ironing. Moisture helps release wrinkles, so ensure you start ironing when your items are still damp.

Mayonnaise for plants:

To make the leaves extra vibrant, rub a small amount of mayonnaise onto a paper towel then delicately apply onto the tops of the leaves (just make sure not to eat them ha!).

What is your all-time favorite cleaning tip?

Heat Holders house cleaning tips - donate and declutter

If these tips have got you feeling accomplished and spiraling into the cleaning mood, keep up the momentum by adding on this de-cluttering activity:

De-clutter and donate:

With all we have endured over the year of the pandemic, it is important to prioritize what we want and what we truly need. With this in mind, take a good look at your closets full of clothes, shoes, and accessories and cautiously decide what you can donate!

Further, if you and/or the kids can do without a few spare toys, such as dolls or superhero figurines, hold a day with the young ones to select which toys they can part with versus the ones they cherish and wish to keep.

Depending on your location, some charities such as local women's shelters or youth shelters may be the best recipients for your used goods to find new and beloved homes.

Have you ever donated to a charity before?

To keep the spirit of the charitable act up, take the family on a short trip to the donation center to show them the importance of their efforts and giving to those in need.

Remember, cleaning is a physical activity that requires much energy and time. Using simple yet effective tips and giving yourself a meaningful reason to donate, will make the cleaning journey all the more enjoyable.

Good luck on the cleaning!


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