Heat Holders summertime picnic ideas

Summertime is a blast!

Throughout the year, we look forward to the warm weather and the exciting activities that we can partake in when the higher temperatures arrive.

If you are like us, and enjoy spending time outdoors with friends and family, below are some enticing ideas to host the best picnic yet with all your adventurous pals!

Plan for Special Treats:

Whether you are a natural born Masterchef or need some assistance in the kitchen, planning a menu for your picnic will help keep things organized and tasty.

With your group of picnic invitees, coordinate a menu that involves everyone’s favorite food groups. For example, assign one invitee to bring fruit and vegetable platters while another is responsible for the desserts.

Make sure to note any food allergies everyone should be aware of before purchasing or preparing these sharable goodies. Because the event will be held outdoors, ensure you bring reusable containers to keep your food fresh and safe from any bees or critters throughout the day.

For an added treat for your guests, surprise them with a special homemade recipe to taste. If they’ve enjoyed the dish, send them off with a handwritten instruction list for each guest to take home and try to recreate the recipe for themselves! Yum.

Heat Holders picnic ideas board games

Picnic Paint:

Pack a few paintbrushes, colorful paint bottles and blank canvases to share. Test your guests’ artistic abilities by choosing an item either from the basket or around the park (such as a detailed flower or barnyard in the distance) that everyone can attempt to paint. Set a timer, and when the buzzer goes off, collectively choose the best painting to win a predetermined prize.

How does “the winner takes home the last cookie” sound?

Get-Up and Game:

With your group of peers, decide on your favorite active game to play! Depending on your location, whether you are in the backyard or a park, prepare for a small competitive match of soccer, kick-up or volleyball. Remember to pack reusable water bottles to keep you hydrated while you play around and get ready to challenge teammates and new opponents!

Blanket Fun:

After some lively movement and sports, bring the group back to the blanket for a few more mind-challenging games. Pack your basket in advance with a deck of cards or a skill-testing board game. Some great group card games include Crazy Eights or Go-Fish. For board games, challenge your guests to a fun word game of Scrabble, a strategic game of Blokus or a few rounds of Werewords for some crazy fun.

Or if it’s time for a break, put on a pair of sunglasses, lie back on the picnic blanket, relax and enjoy cloud-gazing in the bright, blue sky.

What interesting images will you see in the clouds?

Heat Holders picnic ideas exploringExplore the Surrounding Area:

As you enjoy your snacks, active sports and skill-testing games, make sure to allot extra time to explore the surrounding picnic area too.

With kids, grab a magnifying glass and take them on an adventure walk. Whether your picnic meet-up has landed you in the neighborhood park or by the beach, enjoy discovering local wildlife up-close and personal. With the young ones, get them to keep note of the spotted spectacles they find, whether it be beach seagulls or sunflowers in the garden, and have them research and learn more about the wildlife they found later on in the day.

Or, if you are with siblings or friends, grab hold of your cameras and go for a nature stroll. Scout the area, and get ready to snap pictures of your friends and family while out climbing trees or plunging into the beach water. After the picnic event, send your best captured moments to your guests so they have memories of the day to last forever.

Whether your picnic will be held in the comfort of your own backyard or will take you down a new road of discovery, make sure to plan ahead to get the most out of your day.


Remember, picnics are fun and simple. All you need is a sunshine-filled day, a few tasty snacks and of course, good company!

Where will you host your next picnic?

Enjoy the picnic!

We know we will.


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