Best Socks for the Farm This Winter

The dark months of winter can be bitterly cold but those farm chores still have to get done. So, how do you keep your toes toasty when the polar vortex kicks in but you still have a full day of work to do outside? Heat Holders® has the best thermal socks for the farm this winter: Heat Holders® ORIGINAL socks.

Heat Holders® ORIGINAL socks

Heat Holders® ORIGINAL™ socks are made of special yarns that are looped and brushed to produce a fabric that traps warm air next to your skin and feels incredibly soft and comfortable at the same time.

The ORIGINAL socks are also very thick offering cushioning for your hard-working feet. There are styles that are long which are more comfortable for work boots like the Men's Big/Tall Long Socks but if you’re looking for durable, check out Heat Holders® Worxx® Men's Big/Tall Socks.

WORXX socks has reinforced toes and heels so they can be as tough as you are. WORXX products also come in high-visibility colors keeping you safe when it’s still dark at six a.m.

Working on the farm also means that you are in an extremely cold yard one minute and a warm barn the next. Heat Holders® socks are also moisture wicking so they draw moisture away from your skin leaving your feet warm, dry, and comfortable.

Be ready for anything

But, what about the rest of you? Five a.m. can be really cold and sometimes the coffee isn't enough to warm you up! Heat Holders® has a full line of thermal underwear that will keep your whole body warm and, if it's going to be extra cold out there, try adding a Heat Holders® zippered vest as an extra layer of warmth under your coat! Don't forget the wide range of hats, gloves, and neck warmers! Heat Holders® has you covered in warmth from head to toe!

So, whatever the job you're planning on the farm this winter, make Heat Holders® ORIGINAL socks a part of your equipment list. Stay warmer, longer so you can get everything the farm needs done---and still go home with warm feet.

Take a look at all the ORIGINAL sock styles and the WORXX™ warm wear Collection in particular. Tough and durable. Warm, soft, and comfortable. The perfect socks for working on the farm this winter and they might even be  better than fresh milk, straight from the cow!

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