Tips for the Best New Year's Eve Party Yet!

Are you hosting New Year's Eve this year?

Whether you want to sparkle the night away, highlight your hosting skills, or keep it simple at home, we’ve got great ideas to ring in the new year!

2022 has shaped up to be quite a remarkable year, reminding us of the importance of spending valuable time with loved ones and those you cherish most. Check out these ideas that the whole gang will love!

Fun NYE Party Themes

Have you ever been to a themed party? Why not try one out on December 31st with your guests!

Glow Party 

This festive idea is a great way to frolick the night away, and is fairly easy to achieve! Simply purchase neon-paraphernalia and pieces for your guests to wear all night long. The light emitting from the neon decor may just be bright enough to not have to use indoor lights throughout the night too!

Many dollar stores and party supply stores sell glow-in-the-dark items so you can have fun purchasing an array of goodies such as hand-held glow sticks and bracelets, glow-in-the-dark signage and cup holders, photo-booth props, streamers and even balloons! There are also glow-in–the-dark markers available to write secrets out to loved ones that can only be revealed and visible when it's time for the lights to go out. 

It may even be a good idea to have a white board or designated wall available so that guests can write-out their New Year's resolutions to share with other members of the party!

Winter Wonderland

Do you live in an area that gets snow over the holidays? Whether you do or don’t, this theme can help heighten any New Year's eve get-together with some simple spirited decor and festive ideas.

Perhaps you have a friend or relative with a sweet tooth? If so, appoint them the happiest task of the season and ask them to set up a cozy hot chocolate bar! For your guests, ensure you have recipes and ingredients that all can enjoy! Have on-hand alternative milk options such as almond or soy milk, and a range of toppings such as mini-marshmallows, cocoa sprinkles, caramel drizzle, whip cream, chocolate chips, crushed peppermint, or gingerbread! Yum! Having a range of teas or coffee can also be a hit!

Complete the experience by serving the sweet drink in a themed or funky mug such as a Santa Clause mug, The Grinch mug, or a simple elegant snowflake mug. 

While on theme, enjoy decorating your home with other winter wonderland themed decor too such as paper snow-flakes (which you can easily buy or DIY cut-out with white paper), tiny white lights, white candles and streamers, candy canes, and perhaps a mistletoe for all the cheery couples around!

Pajama Party

If this New Year's Eve will be spent indoors with family, welcome in this NYE tradition! Have your guests arrive in their favorite Pajamas or Robes and step into 2023 in the most comfortable way. Add extra warmth by providing guests with soft blankets, tea or hot-cocoa by a fireplace, and some treats to snack on throughout the night. Some great snacks could be cut-up fruits and vegetables, a home-made dessert with NYE frosted on-top, champagne to share, or flavored popcorn (pickled, spicy, or caramel)!

With the snacks, It may even be a good idea to catch up on a holiday favorite film like New Year's Eve (2011) or Elf (2003). Or enjoy a friendly match of chess, checkers, or scrabble with your guests of honor!

New Year's Eve Games

Depending on where the night sweeps you and your guests, it might be a good idea to have holiday themed games ready on stand-by. These games can include pre-printed Bingo cards to hand-out to your guests with prizes such as a movie theater gift card or snuggly socks to last all winter season. is a great site to populate custom bingo cards with remarks that are personal to you and your guests, such as Grandma’s nick-name, your favorite festive dessert, or a classic character from an iconic holiday film.

Or, try the “Most Likely Too” game which involves some pre-planning. In advance, have your guests tell you one of their goals or wishes for the New Year and write them out on cards. Then, have fun reading aloud these New Year's wishes such as “Get that promotion”, “Win that scholarship”, “Move to a new city”, or “Fall in love (or deeper in love)” to your guests. Then have your NYE guests take turns guessing which wish belongs to which guest. Have the guests keep track of each of their right guesses and award the winner!  Perhaps the winner can take home an extra piece of your favorite festive dessert too?

Or keep it classic this New Year's Eve with long-loved games such as Scrabble, Monopoly, or charades. You can also set up a NYE themed scavenger hunt around your home and have the kids or guests search around for little countdown clocks, miniature champagne chutes, 2023 agendas and more!

Ring in the New Year

The most memorable moment of the night calls for the most planning!

A few minutes before the clock strikes midnight, make sure your guests are all-together in the same area for the count-down. Ensure all guests have their glasses or mugs full of egg-nog, white wine, or hot-cocoa ready to cheer as the ball drops! 

As the countdown starts, have ready some confetti, air-horns, balloons, or water guns (if your guests are inclined) to end the year on the highest note possible!. It may also be a good idea to have a mega-phone or a microphone plugged-in close by to make sure everyone can hear the countdown starting and if anyone wants to sing a song or share a special poem first thing in the New Year!

It can also be fun to watch NYE specials on television, which host a ton of entertaining performances from singers, musicians, dancers, and comedians! If so, make sure you have your television speakers on high and working properly so everyone can enjoy the tunes and not miss the biggest moment of the night!

Whatever your wonderful New Year's Eve plans include this year, we hope it's full of warmth and love!

Cheers to 2023 everyone!
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