Best Tips for Switching to Your Winter Wardrobe

By planning ahead (and using organization tips and storage basics), you can ensure your winter gear is as prepared for the season as you are, and your summer essentials get the TLC they need to be stored for another year!

The seasonal changeover begins and we now start hunting for our chunky knits and warmest layers. But not to fear! This transitional period is a great way to get mentally and physically prepared for the season ahead.

Wash Items Before Storing:

Although sweet memories from the summer may stick around, don’t let those summer nights (or scents!) linger on your wardrobe before storing them away! Bacteria and moths can continue to grow on the clothes if they are not properly cleaned before shelving for the season. Take a day to wash and dry (or air dry) your fave summer wardrobe pieces before sorting them in their dedicated storage bins or clothing bags for next year’s use.

Sort Summer Clothes: Keep, Fix, or Donate.

This step may take some effort and thorough consideration but, once done, decluttering can save you time and space by avoiding repair time and adding additional storage space.

Also, every fashionista knows that one person’s loss can be another one’s treasure! Feel free to donate some well-loved goods to a Goodwill center or local community housing program to ensure your goodies get the new loving home they deserve and come to good use for those who need it most. 

Remember, keep only what you will use next summer season. Spend time and money on items that genuinely need the repair and will have more use, and donate what you no longer need.

When To Dry-Clean:

As a baseline rule, it is important to consider extra TLC for your clothing items you love most! This can range from your favorite fitting pair of vintage jeans, to an iconic bridesmaids dress, or beloved Halloween costume. If any of this sounds like you, take the items to a specialized and trusted dry cleaner to ensure your items will receive the attention and detailed washing they deserve.

Also, for regular washing cycles, be cautious around finer fabrics you may have in your wardrobe that may need to be dry-cleaned too such as; silk, leather, suede, rayon, and wool!

Bring Out The Winter Wear:

Now it’s time for your winter wardrobe to be showcased! Whether you enjoy organizing your wardrobe based on color, texture, or convenience, enjoy these tips to having an easy, fashion-forward winter season.

We all know winter clothes are generally more bulky than our summer apparel so think quality over quantity. Consider keeping only your favorite fashionable pieces on display to add color and contrast to your dressing room/ foyer area.

Have a favorite multicolored and multi-layered wool scarf? Try hanging it by the front door to not only simplify your morning dash out the door but also to add new seasonal design elements to the foyer. Or try adding a staple hat above the scarf or a pair of rustic boots close to the doorway to welcome the autumn and winter aesthetic in!

Bonus tip:

Remember that care for winter garments can differ greatly in comparison to summer ones. Especially when it comes to fabrics more prone to stretching (such as wool), opt for folding these items in a drawer instead of hanging them up on hangers in the closet. Hanging can potentially cause knits to lose their original form and stretch out in undesirable ways around the shoulders or neck line.

Also, send any warm hats or gloves you’re not planning to wear this winter to community homes or clothing charities. They will be greatly appreciated because they are the  most requested items by donation centers during the winter. And warm socks too!

Buy The Right Winter Essentials At The Right Time

With the seasons quickly changing, it's important to be as prepared as possible! That said, check out Heat Holders® to get all the gear you need for the season ahead, including our stylish, warm, and comfortable hats, gloves, socks, scarves, and base layers the whole family will love.

We hope you have a splendid transitional season and welcome winter with warm arms! Stay warm everyone!



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