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Heating costs are going to be very high this season and, along with other rising costs, our family budgets will be stretched. Here are some tips on reducing our heating bills including the Warm the Human not the Home philosophy. Instead of warming the whole house, keep the humans in it warm and snuggly with these tips that will keep everyone comfie!

Seal the house!

Say no to drafts and chilly places in your home! Check those windows and doors for drafts and re-caulk where necessary. Do this outside the home as well for any pipes or vents. Add foam weatherstripping to your exterior doors to prevent drafts from coming in, and think about kitchen and laundry exhaust fans. Why not purchase covers to keep out the cold air when not in use? Consider covering windows in plastic and invest in a chimney balloon.

Insulation is also key! Insulation in the attic will go a long way to keeping the cold air out and can save as much as 20% off energy bills (external links open in new windows)! 

Turn down the thermostat to save on home heating

If we turn down our thermostat for only 8 hours a day and by only 1 degree, we can save 2% on our heating. Most folks have their heat set at about 70 degrees or room temperature. If we could lower that setting by five degrees for the whole day and night, we could save as much as 30% on our home heating costs. With oil heating costs expected to be, on average, about $1,500 for the year, we could save about $450 just by turning down the thermostat.

But we want to be comfy and cozy in our own home! So, warm those humans!

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Warm drinks and spicy food

What eat and drink can warm us! Drink hot cocoa, tea, and coffee for that warm feeling inside and add some spice to your menu to stimulate the circulation and raise body temperature!

Start with warm socks to stay comfy

Wearing warm socks is a great start in adopting the Warm the Human Not the Home philosophy. At Heat Holders® we craft the warmest socks on the market with an exclusive manufacturing process utilizing our advanced thermal yarn: the secret to keeping you snuggly. This special acrylic-blend fabric is looped and brushed in a three-step process to ensure that warm air stays next to our skin for longer. The fabric is even smart enough to pull moisture away from our skin - meaning our toes stay toasty, warm, and dry.

Heat Holders® socks are even available in three levels of warmth, so we can use them like a thermostat for our feet! A naturally warm person may not need our ORIGINAL™ sock that is 7 times warmer than a normal cotton sock. Instead opt for LITE™ (5 times warmer) or ULTRA LITE™ (3 times warmer) levels of warmth to make sure we stay in our own comfort zone while relaxing at home.

Layering means luxurious warmth

But don’t stop at socks. The trick to staying warm is layering. Thermal underwear under our regular clothes will keep that rosy glow in our cheeks even while we binge-watch our favorite television show.

Base Layers for the greatest in home heating savings!

Heat Holders® base layers are warm under-apparel. Available in pants and long sleeve tops, and in those three levels of warmth, we can keep our home cool while keeping our family warm and toasty this winter.

Loungewear means savings

Heat Holders® makes loungewear for the home that’s as soft as cashmere and so comfy that we won’t even remember we turned down our thermostat! Made for both men and women, Heat Holders® loungewear means we can work, make dinner, or read and stay comfortably warm - and still save on our energy bill! Heat Holders® loungewear comes in multiple levels of warmth, too, so pick the level that’s best for you!

Plush spa robes keep you so warm

Stepping out of the shower, we want to slip on something warm and soft! A warm robe in Heat Holder®’s plush and soft fabric will keep us snug while we dry off. These robes are great for relaxing around the home as well!

Add a blanket for extra comfort

Heat Holders® offers cushy, soft, and warm blankets and throws for you and your pet! Snuggle up with your mug of hot cocoa while you read your favorite book!

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Adopt a new style of living and save

With Heat Holders®, adopt a new style of living and save on energy bills not just for this year, but for years to come. These savings will help you manage expenses during inflationary periods and will add up to thousands over time.

Join Heat Holders® and adopt the Warm the Human not the Home style of living. Save money on energy bills. Stay warm, soft, and comfortable.

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Absolutely love this Socks.Keep me the cold feet very Warm, I love it.
This is my Second time I purchased last month or so. I would love to shop again.



Sleeping/cuddling w/furbabies (especially in front of the fire, is also warm and wonderful!

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