Happy Holidays from all at Heat Holders

‘Tis the season of giving!

And ‘tis the season for celebrating the holidays and ringing in the New Year.

It’s almost 2022, and we want to ensure this season will be filled with the utmost warmth and comfort for all our customers wherever they will be celebrating around the world!

As the countdown to the New Year begins, we have compiled our top final holiday tips and ideas to fit in some extra fun and love this season for families, colleagues and the kids!

Celebrating with Family:

Depending where you are in the world, seeing family this year may or may not be accessible. Thankfully, there are great online tools to send your warm wishes worldwide, and from a safe distance too!

Sending virtual cards: With tons of easy-to-use online tools (even for older family members!) sending a unique and personalized virtual card will be a blast.

Try out some of our fave virtual card-building tools:

  • ElfYourself App (available on Apple store) - recreates images of you and your loved ones as quirky elves that dance to tunes of your choice. Easy to send through an email too!
  • Canva (available online) - to design a 2D card customizable by size, imagery, and theme. Free to use and easy to send to multiple recipients online around the globe.
  • JibJab (available online) - to send comedic and themed customized dancing videos for a small fee for holidays throughout the year including Christmas, Birthdays and Valentines.

If gift-giving is a common tradition for your family, try using Elfster.com to make gift exchanging easy. With the ability to share wish lists and randomly draw your holiday secret santa name, the Elfster site will keep track of all the admin work so you can focus on getting the perfect gift.

Perhaps the perfect gift will include some Heat Holders gear for the season? Wrap your loved ones up in warmth with our hatsgloves and socks - sure to keep them jolly!

In addition, using apps such as Zoom or Skype to enjoy face-to-face screen time with loved ones is a great option too. Whether you have a sister in Los Angeles, an uncle in Australia, or a mother in India, gathering everyone online for a social sit-down will be sure to spread the holiday cheer. For the chat, try appointing a host for the soiree to keep the chat on track and have the host include some fun (or challenging?) online games to play like virtual customized bingo (available at myfreebingocards.com) or tallying up a winner from some family feud trivia!

Where in the world does your family live?

Celebrating the holidays with Heat Holders (and eating all the treats!)

Celebrating with Colleagues:

If the pandemic has had you spending more time at the home-office than actual office this year, it may be a good idea (if safely possible) to host a dinner party at home or at a restaurant!

If you have some new colleagues or employees to introduce to the team, try these fun holiday themed ice-breaker table topics to get the party started and the New Year on track.

  • Holiday Questionnaire: have your hardworking group of co-workers indulge in a silly holiday questionnaire game with questions like: What was your worst gift? Or favorite Christmas song?
  • Ornament Guess: have your team guess how many ornaments are hanging proudly on a decorated Christmas tree, in the dining room, or hanging up outside the house.
  • Name That Carol: test your guests' holiday caroling knowledge by providing a list of the titles of the most popular carols with a few words missing. The person who guesses the most titles wins!
  • Guess The Santa: in advance, have your colleagues purchase a small gift for an office gift exchange. As each person randomly selects one gift to open, have fun guessing who the purchaser of the gift was. Bonus points for those individuals who guess the co-worker right!

Celebrating With Kids:

If you will be having young ones around for the holidays, keep them and their friends busy with a holiday themed party specifically designed for those tiny-hands.

Try our top holiday kids party ideas today:

  • Cookie and icing decorating contest
  • Holiday-themed bingo game
  • Pin the red-nose on Rudolph game
  • Mini-marshmallow snowman snowfight
  • DIY tree ornament decorating
  • Caroling around the neighborhood
  • Holiday music dance party, and karaoke

What’s your favorite childhood holiday memory?

We sure hope it was a memorable one!

Continue the memorable traditions with your kids or relatives by ringing in the season in style!

For the holidays, plan in advance for a day out at a parade or winter carnival in your area. Some great carry-on items include extra water, snacks, and horns to cheer on Santa’s float! Don’t forget to bundle up well with protective socks and hats and holiday antlers or Santa hats too!

For New Years, try seeing if there are any firework or music festivities happening at a city or town square near you. If yes, plan ahead for a star-speckled evening full of exciting sights with extra cash for transportation, water, and snacks to keep everyone safe through to the New Year!

If spending the last night of the year at home with the kids, try streaming a New Year special on TV or online such as the annual Times Square Ball Drop in NYC or stay old-school and turn over a sand-filled hourglass 1 hour before New Year kicks in and celebrate once the sand runs out!

Where will you spend your first moments of 2022?

Heat Holders preparing for the holidays - Making Life Warmer!

Celebrating with a Cause:

No matter how much fun and joy you have this season, try not to forget those less fortunate this season as well. This includes assisting or hosting charitable initiatives that all can take part in!

Share the feelings of joy by offering your time to community shelters, holding a toy-drive at your office, or by donating to food banks in your local area.

Heat Holders® The Making Life Warmer Project helps those in need thanks to you! Find out more about how you are helping us do our part by checking out this initiative.

Remember to invite friends, relatives, and kids to share in the positive experiences of giving back as we help our communities feel supported and lifted as we enter the New Year.

How do you plan to give back this season?

Whatever your heart fancies this holiday season, we hope it is full of warmth and love. Fortunately, Heat Holders has all the gear ready to make your season an extra cozy treat.

Visit our products page for more great gift ideas to end the year on a high note.

Stay warm everyone!

Happy Holidays!


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