Toestee's Closet - get yourself organized with Heat Holders

Keeping stylish has never been this simple!

At Heat Holders® we have taken the season to shake up our wardrobe and our idea of comfort.

If the pandemic had you staying home and lounging around as much as we did, adding comfort to your list of must-haves for fashion finds this season must have become a new priority!

From cozy socks, tops, loungewear, and throws, Heat Holders® has products ready for you to stay stylish while enjoying time away from the office (or in the home office) all year long!

Assess the Wardrobe:

Before we get into the details of closet organization, it is best to make a thorough assessment of all the garments you have. If transitioning from summer clothing to appropriate fall attire, starting out by sorting your wardrobe by season can save you time on busy mornings.

By keeping track of all your clothing articles, you can determine the items that are too old, too snug, or no longer loved by your fashionista-self and can be donated. With the items sorted, you will also realize the items you already have and won’t need to spend money on buying again!

Planning your wardrobe with Heat Holders

Prioritize the Outfit:

We all know mornings can be hectic. While preparing coffee, or grabbing your meeting notes for the day, ensuring your closet is in tip-top shape can help ease your mind from any added chaos.

Did you know?

According to a Huffington Post survey, 84% of Americans agree they are stressed out daily and believe that their home or apartment is not clean or organized enough.

This is why it is best to keep wardrobe articles convenient, and stored in accordance with the layout of your home or closet. With a temperature drop, bulkier items such as scarves, sweaters and pants are going to take up a larger portion of your closets in comparison to summer pieces.

Therefore it might be best to have a few select go-to choices of your favorite bulkier items within close reach. This may include your best vest, over the shoulder shawl, or oversized wool cardigan.

Before the holiday hustle kicks in, keeping an eye out on the locations of your holiday outfits will prepare you well in advance. This can include your treasured Thanksgiving gown, Halloween costume or Christmas suit ready for a dry cleaning trip before the celebrations arrive.

If you are as organized as us, color coding may help you add flair to your wardrobe too. Try arranging your wardrobe in accordance with warm colors of the season like ruddy red, mellow oranges, or navy blues to make your mornings as easy as an autumn breeze.

Also, if you have a closet near the entrance, storing away sandals and flip flops from summer in exchange for sneakers and boots will prepare you to put your best foot forward all season long.

Donate What You Do Not Need:

This step comes after a thorough assessment of what items you have, need, and what you can donate. After donating to great causes such as youth or women shelters, take a look at your closet again to determine what else is truly needed or not. Remember, it is the season of giving!

Have extra socks to donate too?

At Heat Holders® we are committed to donating socks to initiatives in need each year. Did you know that socks are the most requested clothing item from shelters and programs alike?

Check out more on how we are involved every year here.

A color-coded drawer of Heat Holders thermal socks

Plan Ahead for the Next Season:

When the cold is ready to leave, plan ahead by smartly storing your wardrobe. This includes using storage bins, washing, and labelling. Wash clothes and neatly fold them into the storage bins and add labels with an item list outside the bin for easy sorting. Store them in a cool, dark, dry place and toss in cedar chips to avoid pests, mothballs, or smells and say goodbye to winter!

If you need more places to hang scarves or sweaters away, purchasing additional hooks to add onto door frames or near the front door can be an easy fix for storing for the year too.

Remember, neatly organizing your closets and wardrobes can help you live simply and save time and energy on busy mornings. We hope your dress-ups are a breeze!

Stay organized everyone!






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