Heat Holders® Easter Egg Hunt

Be a good egg!

With chocolates, surprises, and a long weekend to look forward to, Heat Holders® is hopping to it with our top Easter activities.

Easter is a time for blossoming. Although the holiday may feel a little different this year, we are grateful that we can still enjoy Easter fun safely and bring forth positive affirmations, community, and - of course - tasty treats!


Host a Social-Distanced Outdoor Easter Extravaganza

With warmer weather rolling in, and extra sunshine to keep us bright, it is the perfect time to coordinate special Easter-themed events for you, your loved ones and those in your bubble.

All you need access to is open green space. This can be in a neighborhood park or a home backyard. With a small group of friends or family members, enjoy safely wearing masks while attending to your artistic skills! Grab some paints and paintbrushes and host a special Easter-themed paint-party. The rules? Be safe and have fun!

Heat Holders painting Easter eggs

In your open green area, space out easels or blank canvases and place a special item in the middle of the group to try to draw. The items can vary or there can be multiples. Perhaps a stuffed toy bunny or a giant Easter egg?

The possibilities are endless. Add in some good-hearted competition with your group, and use a timer to limit the number of minutes you have to complete each masterpiece. Once the buzzer goes off, game-time is over and the judging process begins. Have each member tally a score (out of 10) for each painting, and count up a winner after every item you draw. What better way to get outdoors, get creative and spend quality time with those you cherish!


Hold an Epic Easter Egg Hunt

While you and your bubble are enjoying outside, extend the fun further with a special Easter Egg hunt.

No, you do not need to be a kid to enjoy this amusing activity! Who you are with will determine the difficulty level of your hunt. If you are spending Easter with friends, try planning a super challenging hunt, complete with a treasure map and a list of clues. Again, based on your location and comfort levels, this search can be held outdoors or indoors. Note: If there are multiple people partaking in the search, try timing each player individually as they hunt for eggs, in order to keep social distance and limit the number of people in the 'Hunting Area' at one time.

Once your impressive players have found all the hidden eggs, surprise them further with treats inside! Some smaller-sized eggs can host delicious candies or love-notes while larger eggs can offer your lucky hunter some loot. Try gifting colorful and bright Heat Holders® mittens and gloves to match their flashy eggs. Or if you have some younger players involved, why not hide a small pair of Heat Holders® socks in their eggs to help keep their tiny bunny feet bouncing around all Easter long!

Heat Holders® chewing a carrot like the Easter Bunny

Easter Events Online

Yet, if spending time with friends or loved ones this holiday won’t be possible, enjoy hosting an Easter event online!

The possibilities for fun here are endless too. Within your group of family and friends, collectively decide on one special member to act as a host on your Zoom or virtual call. This can be the mother of the family, your best friend, or husband. Once the date and time is confirmed, send the invite out and get ready to be the hostess with the mostess!

There’s no reason you don’t have to dress up for the occasion as well. Try purchasing (or making) artistic Easter paraphernalia such as cut-out bunny stickers, multicolored eggs, or blooming flowers to decorate the space that will be seen as your Zoom background. For extra points, grab a pair of bunny ears and carrots to get into the spirit!

If kids are around, have them join in on the dress-up fun too. Fortunately, at Heat Holders® we have colorful hats and matching gloves to suit any festive look. With pom-pom hats and bright mittens, try complimenting the kids' look by painting on bunny-noses to their faces and cut-out pairs of floppy bunny ears to add to the top of their hats.

With the costumes and backgrounds in order, you are now ready to enjoy quality time online with your guests. Some fun games to play over the screen include Easter related trivia, challenging riddles or virtual tic-tac-toe.

Remember, Easter is a time of community, friendship and tender moments. Although this Easter might feel unique, know that it can still be memorable with those you love.

Just like Heat Holders®, Easter spreads feelings of warmth and happiness. We hope you enjoy your Easter as you #MakeLifeWarmer.

Happy Easter everyone!

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