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It’s that time of year again. When that holiday shopping list pops into everyone’s minds right as the year wraps up. Thankfully here at Heat Holders®, we have been preparing our holiday lists all year long to ensure that holiday shopping can be that much easier for you!

Whether you’re shopping for your beloved teenage nephew, grandmother, winter adventurer or co-worker, Heat Holders® has the perfect gift to match everyone on your list. Although these individuals might vary greatly in personality - warmth and comfort are traits that they can all agree they love.

That’s why Heat Holders® has topped the holiday shopping game for years and are happy to share our best ideas with you. We’re keeping gift-giving easy so that you can focus on all the other excitement of the season, like winter decorating and building a snowman! 

The “Grandparent”:

We all love them. The wise folks in our lives. The heads of the family (but sometimes the trickiest to shop for). But not this year! At Heat Holders®, our grandparents love to stay cozy and warm and appreciate receiving affectionate gifts from loved ones. There’s no better feeling than being in the comfy homes of loving grandparents, so why not add to the joy with an Oversized Throw or Blanket? The 70 ¾ “x 78 ¾” blanket has an official tog rating of 1.7, is measurably warmer to the touch, is fully machine washable and the perfect gift to keep things easy for the grandparents. Not to mention, it will look great almost anywhere in the house!

If the cold is ever something the grandparents have complained about, try layering their delicate feet with Heat Holders®’s Slipper Socks with extra traction for indoor wood or tiled surfaces. Our Slipper Socks also share the same thickness as our Original Socks to keep-in the warmth as they celebrate with family all season long.

The “Not Yet An Adult But Not Still A Kid”:

They are in everyone’s lives, and on everyone’s lists too! That uncertain age of not quite being an adult yet, but no longer a kid too. But who buys their socks for them now? If they no longer receive socks from their parents, take the initiative and provide them with the practical necessities they need to enter into adulthood! With a variety of fun and colorful options to choose from, Heat Holders® has the perfect pair for every young personality. Explore our Ultra Lite Socks or Lite Socks to add just the right amount of warmth to any youthful outfit.  With a 1.6 Tog rating, ideal for casual shoes and boots, these light and warm socks are sure to be a hit.

Provide extra care, with fashion-friendly high performance Thermal Hats in various colors, patterns and styles to add additional warmth - no matter what the rest of the outfit might be.

Or if their independence had them moving out from the house for the first time and back to visit for the holidays, make sure to gift them an Oversized Throw or Blanket to take that warm and fuzzy home-feeling with them as they venture back into independence.

The “Winter Athlete”:

We all know one, or two, or a whole team of them! These athletes, whether professional or not, love spending their time exercising outdoors no matter what the weather has in store for them. Whether, they are active runners, hikers, bikers or winter wonderland walkers, ensure that they will stay in tip-top shape with great Heat Holders® products to keep them protected.  

If using the snow-shoes and ski-poles is their go-to outdoor activity, try sprucing up their outfit with a high performance thermal yarn Neck Warmer to use against the chilly winds. For additional warmth, add our thermal effective Hats with plush insulating lining to hold the heat in. 

And as your favorite active loved one continues on their great outdoor adventures, ensure their toes stay cozy in the Ultra Lite Snow Sports Socks. These socks offer thermal protection, a lightweight fit and are perfect to slip into tighter fitting winter shoes. With a reinforced heel, and extra length, these Ultra Lite Snow Sports Socks will have your athlete ready for heavy activity.

The “Cozy One”:

The one who cherishes every moment of rest and makes it look - oh so good! Or perhaps, you know someone who could use a few extra hours dedicated to relaxation and snoozing.

Whatever the scenario, Heat Holders® Loungewear is here to assist with just that. Explore the Loungewear Shirts and Pants or Spa Robes to keep those you cherish, comfortable this season.

The Loungewear comes in a variety of colors and styles to match everyone on your list. Or if they are due for a little additional luxury, the Spa Robe’s super warm and soft make is perfect for snuggling by the fire, stepping out of a steamy shower or waking up to hot cocoa on Christmas morning! Spoil your loved ones this holiday, as they indulge in luxurious comfort.

The “At-Home Office Employee”:

For many lovely and hardworking folks this year, the home-office has become a staple to their everyday life. If you know one, or two or perhaps a whole company of home-office workers, these Heat Holders® gifts are perfect to give, as they continue their careers into the New Year.

Show that you are thinking of them by gifting your colleagues with Slipper Socks. These warm and comfy Socks are best-suited for indoors and have non-slip gripper bottoms to provide better traction on indoor wood or tiled surfaces. Have your co-workers prepared head-to-toe, as they slip into these socks, grab their morning coffee, and slide into their 10 AM meeting (online). 

With multiple colors and lengths to explore, Heat Holders® has the perfect Sock for everyone - even the boss! And if break time calls for a quick getaway outside, the Heat Holders® Puffer Jacket is a great option for outdoor use. With its unisex design, water resistant outer material and HeatWeaver® lining, our Puffer Jacket will keep your colleagues both stylish and practical. 

The “Outdoor Worker”:

Whether their favorite pastime is fixing up the cabin in the woods, or if they work as a traffic cop outdoors, Heat Holders® has the gift of layered warmth to benefit them. With Heat Holders® base warmers, your outdoor worker can determine the level of warmth they need while on the job. Ranging from Ultra Lite to Original Base Layer Tops and Bottoms, your beloved outdoorsman or woman can be sure they are protected on days full of high activity levels or lower activity levels outdoors.

For all your hardworking friends, the Worxx Performance Gloves and Socks collection will be great too. The wind-proof gloves are designed to protect hands from all challenging weather. They also feature reflective safety stripes, and touch screen fingertips to keep fingers warm on long days spent outdoors. Try pairing the Gloves with Worxx Socks to provide warmth for the entire body. The Worxx Socks’ durable and reinforced heel and toe will keep heat in and the winter chills out. Show you care, and keep your outdoor worker warm all season long!

With the holidays quickly approaching, and a new year just around the corner, it is the perfect time to express your care to those you cherish and love. Fortunately, Heat Holders® has gifts that will suit all the characters in your life, to match any personality, size, profession and age. 

By providing endless comfort and warmth, Heat Holders® products truly are the gifts that keep on giving. We hope your holiday shopping experience is a breeze. Happy Holidays everyone!

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