Summer is in full swing and we can all agree that it sure looks different this year. Although all vacation plans, events and festivals may have been cancelled due to the pandemic, summer doesn't have to be a total write off. 

As the country slowly starts to open, depending upon what region you reside in, there's still hope in enjoying the summer season. You may not get to enjoy activities that you may normally take part in due to restrictions, but there are still plenty of ways you can soak in the warm weather in a safe way, as outlined by Heat Holders

Head to the Cottage

Take a mini getaway to the cottage to spend time with your family. As life may have become stagnant and stressful due to the pandemic, getting away from your daily routine for a few days is a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors.  

Be sure to pack your own food/drinks and other necessities to avoid going to the local grocery store to limit contact and exposure. 


Camping is another great activity to immerse yourself in the great outdoors. Many regions have allowed camping grounds and private parks to open, but you may want to check your local region before heading out to the campgrounds. 

Some camping facilities have restrictions in terms of what is open for use to the public, ex. washroom facilities. If that is the case, make necessary arrangements to have a hassle free camping experience. 


If you're looking to get some exercise and be immersed in nature, hiking is the way to go. There may be plenty of hiking trails in your area that you may have never had the chance to explore. Now is a great time to head outdoors, whether alone or with family/friends, and explore what nature has to offer! 

Be sure to adhere to the trail rules and avoid any trails that are overly crowded. If crowds are unavoidable, be sure to bring masks along to keep others protected while enjoying the trek. 

Hanging with Family/Friends

Summer isn't complete without a good old BBQ with family and friends. While adhering to gathering limits of your region, having a BBQ in the backyard or a nearby park is a nice way to soak in the sun and enjoy much needed time with family and friends, while maintaining physical distance from others outdoors. 

Outdoor Movie Night

Going to the movie theaters was all something we all enjoyed. With movie theaters still closed in some regions, why not create your own movie theater experience in your own backyard! You'll need a projector screen, or white sheet, and a projector to watch your favorite movies outdoors. It's a great way to spend time under the stars and soak in the summer nights. 

If you rather go to the movies, some drive-in movie theaters have opened up for business. Check your local region to see if a drive-in is open in your local area. 

With the new normal in effect, summer doesn't have to be cancelled. Create new summer memories that you'll cherish for a lifetime. Stay safe and adhere to your local regional pandemic guidelines while you soak in the summer fun differently this year! 

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