Fall Activities with the Family

Fall is in full swing with the crisp air, leaves changing colors and the pumpkins. With the season changing and summer behind us, you may still want to get outdoors with your family and friends to enjoy the season and some fall activities!

Heat Holders curated a list of activities to immerse in this festive fall season. 

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

This time of year brings lots of pumpkin patches around town. It's a great way to spend time outdoors with family and enjoy the hay rides, corn mazes, petting zoo, etc. You may even want to get dressed up a little and take some nice family photos with the pumpkin décor! As well, with Halloween around the corner, kids can pick the best pumpkin around to take home to carve. 

Go Apple Picking

It's fun way to get the whole family involved! Last few weeks of September and early October are a great time to go apple picking and enjoy the fresh, crisp apples. You can take your fruitful labor home and bake some nice fresh apple treats with the kids such as apple pies, tarts, apple crisp and so forth. As well, apple picking is a pleasant alternative to spending the day consuming technology and engaging with the outdoors. As they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away! Additionally as you'll be outdoors, with the chilly weather, make sure to bundle up with hats and gloves and some warm socks to keep yourself toasty! 

Explore fall colors

The beauty of fall colors is something one simply cannot miss. Take a nice nature walk or hike to take in leaves changing colors on all of the trees. Visit your local parks or trails to snap those beautiful fall foliage colors! You'll spend your day exploring and enjoying the great outdoors, while even getting some exercise in without even knowing it! Be sure to layer up clothing to stay warm and not let the cold ruin the fun. 

Halloween Prep

With fall comes the excitement for Halloween! Starting to prepare for Halloween is a great way to get the kids excited and involved. Help them choose their Halloween costumes or get them involved by designing one for them! Another way to spend quality family time is by putting up Halloween decorations around the house. It's a fun way to let the kids unleash their creativity and gear them up for the festivities! 

Host a Bonfire

A nice crisp fall evening calls for heating up the fire pit! Gather the family and roast some marshmallows or hot dogs for some splendid evening fun. To make it spooky for the kids, cuddle up in a warm blanket and share some ghost stories that'll be sure to give the kids a fright! 

Rake Leaves

Although raking leaves may sound like a chore, the simple task is a great way to have outdoor fun with the kids. Have them rake piles and jump in the leaves to release the energy! Afterwards, turn it into a friendly competition as to who can rake the most leaves the fastest! A great way to keep the kids entertained and, at the same time, enhance your home's curb appeal. 

Fall is a great season to relax and enjoy the mild weather with your loved ones. What are some family activities or traditions that you enjoy with your family? 

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