Heat Holders: The Best Winter Accessories Arrive In Brazil

The Heat Holders brand was born in 2008, with the quest to make the warmest, most comfortable thermal sock in the world. Since then, over 50 million pairs of Heat Holders have been sold worldwide, and distribution continues to grow. The brand has also added a wide range of clothing and accessories, all with the signature Heat Holders warmth.

Now, the much-loved British brand has reached a new milestone with an exclusive distribution deal in Brazil, bringing its full range to this large and growing market for the very first time.

“Bringing Heat Holders direct to Brazil is a huge step forward for us,” says Rodrigo Fitz, Distribution and Brand Director. “We’ve developed an all-new virtual store, with every detail carefully considered to highlight the strengths of the brand.”

If you’re shivering in the UK weather, you could be forgiven for thinking that Brazilians surely don’t need Heat Holders. But the Brazilian winter (which, since the country is in the southern hemisphere, is happening right now) can be decidedly chilly, with plunging temperatures and plenty of snow. And Brazilians love to enjoy the winter in comfort, just like everybody else – whether they’re travelling overseas or enjoying winter at home.

“Everybody needs high-quality products that deliver true comfort and warmth – and Heat Holders has the complete range,” says Rodrigo. “From thermal socks to second-skin underwear, all of the brand’s most popular products are available. It’s the beginning of an incredible journey, and we’re excited to see where it takes us next.”

The full Heat Holders range includes thermal leggings and tights, high-tech socks, scarves, hats, gloves, earmuffs, blouses, second-skin pants, coat and more. Every item is made with high-quality materials and proven technology for superior performance throughout the colder months. 

Check out Heat Holders Brazil at https://heatholders.com.br

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