Get Ready for Spring Break: Awesome Ideas for a Week of Fun

Spring Break is just around the corner and we have the top ideas to keep you entertained all week long!

Do you have plans yet for your spring break? Whether you crave travel or staying local, these ideas will help enrich your away-cation or stay-cation for maximum fun!

Exciting Activities with the Kids

Will you be with the young ones over the break? If you will be at home, try setting up a dedicated event for each day of the week!

How about Movement Monday?

Where you can dedicate the day to trying a new physical skill, such as an online zumba or yoga class with the kids!

What about Taco Tuesday?

This can be an innovative way to get the young hands excited to share the cooking duties for the evening as they experiment with new tasty taco combinations such as spicy Mexican, crispy greens, or plain cheese!

Check out kid-friendly recipes and remember to have taco stands available to keep it mess-free!

How about Waterfall Wednesday?

Dedicate this day to fun activities around that involve water! This can be using a watering hose outdoors to plant new flowers such as tulips or tiger lilies (weather permitting) or by filling up some water balloons for an impromptu water fight in the backyard or at a nearby park with friends or cousins or a day by the hotel pool!

What about Thrilling Thursday!

Let the kids work out a mystery puzzle or scavenger hunt in your home or backyard, depending on the weather. And pop up that corn for a kid-friendly thriller like Spy Kids, Gremlins, or Coraline!

Fun Friday Frisbee Fling!

You can organize a frisbee throwing competition or play games such as Ultimate Frisbee, Frisbee Golf, or Frisbee Tag with the kids allowing the kids some much-needed fresh air and exercise!

Weeklong Classes/Activities

If work or a busy life schedule doesn’t leave you with too much time to plan activities for the week, this may be a great opportunity to enroll the kiddies in a week-long camp instead to learn a new skill! These classes can include pottery, horseback riding, cooking sessions, or robotics camp! Whatever suits their fancy, there are sure to be many schools offering special week-long programs dedicated to different skills and ages.  Remember to book the program well in advance to save money on any early-bird rates and ensure your kid(s) will have a reserved spot for the whole week!

Time for Relaxation and Reflection

Will you be taking a break this week?

If you are in need of some rejuvenating relaxation time this week, try to book a spa-day either solo or with a friend! A local spa in your area may be a great option, or you may also want to consider traveling out-of-town to a secluded spa too. These remote spas may offer outdoor hot baths or beautiful heated patios to kick back and relax all day long.

Check out our Beat the Blahs Spa Blog!

Click here for additional awesome ways to remake your own custom spa oasis experience from the comfort of your own home! No reservations or  travel required!

Taking a week away from work or school assignments may be exactly what you need to start the new semester refreshed and ready to take on whatever comes next. Some alternative methods to promote relaxation can include deep breathwork sessions and yoga as a form of meditative therapy, or journaling to plan and write down future goals for the rest of the year, as you reflect on the successful strategies that have already worked for you thus far.

Additional rejuvenation methods may include an acupuncture appointment, a therapy session, a social dinner with your closest pals, or a night of snuggles and cuddles with your beloved pets and favorite movies!

Events to do all-together 

Will you be with the entire family this week?

If so, plan ahead for some exciting events that will be sure to entertain all involved!

Hosting Challenge!

Everyone loves a good meal! Take turns hosting a themed dinner every night of the week with one family representative in-charge of each evening meal. Want an extra good-hearted family challenge? 

Have each family member vote on each night’s evening including small awards for Best Meal, Best Presentation, Best Decor and/or Best Efforts! At the end of the week, ensure there is a crowned Spring-Break Dinner-Winner!

Game Night!

Another fun-filled family idea is game night. Choose from a range of amusing titles such as “Clue”, “Monopoly”, “Scrabble” or epic card games such as Poker or Crazy Eights! This is also a good way to spirit up some friendly competition and be sure to award a winner too! Awards can be  gift cards to local restaurants, or babysitting services!

Take a hike!

If you’ve got some energy left after a great meal, why not enjoy a stroll or active hike outdoors with the family? This can be on a trail you all are already familiar with, or you can set up a date and time to meet at a new destination! Remember to bring water to hydrate, comfortable Spring hiking socks, apparel, and shoes, and perhaps even a magnifying glass and binoculars to check out some new and spectacular spring sights. You never know what you’ll find out there!

Whatever your intentions are for your break this spring, ensure you make the most of each day by preparing in advance and spending the days surrounded by those you love!

Happy spring break everyone!



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