How to Create a Warm Oasis to Beat Those Winter Blahs

Is comfort a goal for your New Year?

No matter what time of year it is, we all deserve some extra TLC from time to time. Check out these simple (yet awesome) tips that can transform your home bathroom into a beautiful spa oasis in no time.

There are many ways to make your relaxation time more comfortable, however, to set the mood, try out some of our must-have, essential items that are sure to guarantee your relaxing hours last!


If you are safely able, try lighting a few candles around your bathroom, bedroom or zen area. There are many candles that offer essential oil scents which can help to deepen your relaxation. Try lavender, vanilla, or lemongrass aromatherapy which can improve sleep quality and reduce stress levels too.

Teas and Drinks:

With the inspiration of the spa, remember to keep things fresh and cleansing. This includes what you decide to put inside your body. If you are a tea fan, prepare a warm mug of your favorite tea (try to keep it caffeine-free) to ensure calmness. This can include chamomile, peppermint, ginger or hibiscus tea too.

If you fancy a cooler drink, enjoy a crisp glass of cucumber water. Thinly slice cucumbers and fill them into a glass of ice water. Slice a lemon and squeeze some lemon juice into the mix and sip away coolly!

Music Playlists:

Does certain music calm you?

If so, try setting up a speaker or your phone with your favorite tunes on repeat while you relax in the bathtub, in your bedroom, or designated relaxing area. Make sure to turn your phone notifications off prior to starting your relaxation time so that you are not interrupted, and enjoy drifting away to the harmonies.

There are also great calming playlists available online that include classical music, or nature sounds, which have been proven to help ease your brain and soothe you into deeper meditation states. 


Does your home spa include a bath?

If so, let the water run warm as you prepare your playlists, candles, and drinks that will perfectly compliment your bathtub ritual. 

You can also try adding essential oils or epsom salts into your bath water once the tub is full. Epsom salts can help alleviate muscle pain and tension in the body. If using essential oils, such as lavender or lemon grass, ensure you put the oil in a “carrier oil” first. Carrier oils can include coconut, olive, or jojoba oil which are much more gentle on the skin. By doing this, you will avoid exposing your skin directly to the essential oil that can cause irritation. With every product, ensure you read the labels carefully first to perfect the amount of essential oil needed for the amount of carrier oil and enjoy its maximum benefits. 


Do you own a favorite robe?

If not yet, now is the perfect time to indulge in one of our beloved Heat Holders robes. Guaranteed to provide the perfect amount of warmth, while maintaining its high quality heat-holding comfort and style. 

Keep your robe close by the bathtub to keep you warm once you’re finished your soak, or wear it around the bedroom or house all-day long for total comfort. Match our robes with our treasured slipper socks to be able to glide around your home with ease thanks to their protective non-slip grip technology. 

Face Masks:

Try making or purchasing simple face masks that can freshen your skin and deepen your self-care routine! A natural face mask can be made using honey. Simply mix together a teaspoon of raw honey, a teaspoon of turmeric, and a large squeeze of lemon juice. Once mixed, apply over your face (avoiding your eyes) and let rest on your skin for 20 minutes. The properties of honey have been studied to help as an anti-acne product by aiding your skin cells to renew faster, while turmeric’s antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components can help to add that extra natural glow and luster to your skin too. 

Another popular face mask is made from bananas. Using ½ a ripe banana, 1 teaspoon of olive oil, and 1 teaspoon of honey, mash and mix the ingredients together so that there are no lumps. Apply the paste all over your face and neck and leave on for 15 minutes. Set a timer, then rinse with cool water to close your pores. Bananas are great for moisturizing your face and can prevent damage thanks to their antioxidants!

Ready to start your own at-home spa oasis?

Don’t forget to add in your own personal favorites to customize your at-home spa experience, such as grapes by the bathtub, reading your favorite novel, or adding in a mini-manicure session!

While relaxing, remember to keep hydrated to feel your best and flush your body of daily toxins.

Enjoy your spa oasis at home everyone!


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