How to Stick to your New Year's Resolutions

It’s that time of year again! When everything is filled with new, new, NEW!

What a great time to welcome in new goals, ideas, hopes, and aspirations to last well into the future!

2023 New Year’s Resolutions

According to, the top New Year’s Resolutions in the U.S. for 2022 were to...

  • exercise more,
  • eat healthier,
  • lose weight,
  • spend more time with family/friends,
  • spend less time on social media, and
  • live more economically!

Do any of these resolutions match yours for 2023? If so, there are tons of easy and effective ways to keep your goals on track as the New Year kicks in!

Live Healthier

Do you plan to live healthier in 2023? If so, try using these top tips from top American fitness gurus:

Check-in with a Healthcare Professional

Before embarking on any exercise or diet change, take the time to talk the changes over with your doctor. They will be able to give you advice and help set reasonable goals for your training or weight loss program.

Get the Right Gear

Whether your working out at a gym, taking up a new sport, or starting a jogging program, make sure you have the gear you need to achieve success. From a good pair of trainers to hockey helmet, rent or buy what you need. 

Set SMART Goals

SMART goals stand for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely goals. Whether you will be investing in a fitness trainer, a gym membership, or managing yourself, using the SMART method will help you plan for progress without unrealistic expectations or too short of deadlines. Remember, consistency is key so aim for a safe weight loss number by a certain date, and keep track of your workouts and diet progress daily! Start small and soon you will be doing more and more!

Find a Workout Partner

Whether it be a spouse, friend, colleague, or child, having someone you love to keep you focused and motivated is the best way to success! Plus, including fitness classes or extra walks throughout the week will allow valuable time to be spent with them too.

Hacks to Healthy Food

Fitness gurus recommend many methods for cleaner and simpler eating. This can include reducing portion size (to safely lessen daily calorie intake) or incorporating better habits such as drinking more water, adding more fruits and vegetables to your plate, and avoiding high-calorie foods and too much sugar or salt in your daily diet.

Avoid Discouragement

Remember, this will be your new lifestyle, not just a fad! Keep your goals as simple as possible. Starting walking now may be a little chilly but you will  progress to longer walks and an increased pace by the time the warmer weather comes.

If you truly wish to become healthier, remind yourself of the wonderful long term health goals you will be able to achieve with consistency and commitment to your future self in 2023 and beyond.

Social Media Goals

Will you spend less time on social media this New Year? If this is your goal, check out these simply gratifying tips to a future with less social media!

Delete Apps

Unless you use social media apps for business activities, or have a healthy relationship with your media consumption, don't let social media take away hours from your day!

Record Time Used on Apps

Try setting a timer, or using a setting on your phone to determine how much time daily you spend on all your social media apps. Try recording this usage for a week and then multiply the number of hours by 52 (the number of weeks in the year). Are you shocked by the amount of time you would be spending on those apps? If so, brainstorm the numerous other activities you could dedicate this time to instead, such as: learning a new skill, helping around the house, studying a new language or joining a local soccer league.

Schedule Hang-outs

If your resolution includes spending less time on social media, try replacing the activity with a new one, which is also a top New Year's resolution; spending more time with family and friends! If this sounds like you, try planning your hangouts in advance, and enjoy trying new activities. Perhaps you can suggest a baking class with your kids, joining and training for a marathon with your spouse, or experimenting with painting at home!

Economical Living

Will you stick to living more economically in 2023?

The pandemic has been tough for everyone worldwide, having to adjust to a new normal. Trying these lifestyle hacks can help you save more not only in 2023, but help you set financial goals for the future years to come too. 

Plan Ahead

As with many goals, in order to improve, you need to be realistic with your current state. Do you have something you are saving for? Whether it be your first home, a new car, school tuition, or a trip abroad, there is always something we can be prioritizing financially. By planning ahead, you can determine how much money you will need by what date and set a realistic saving goal per month to help you achieve the larger goal by the end of the year. Every penny counts!

Eat Local

There is no doubt that life can get busy at times, however, that doesn't mean you can't eat intentionally. This year, try arranging for more at-home meals instead of ordering out. This can be done by sticking to meal plans, being creative with leftovers, and cooking in advance and abundance for the week ahead. These tips can also help you save money in the long term too by avoiding fees on food delivery services and extra costs charged by restaurants.

Buy Used Items

The age of online shopping has made giving used items a new home easy. This method will not only benefit your wallet, but can help protect the environment too! Using online tools such as Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, and Amazon can help you narrow your search for items you need, such as a desk, a book for school, or slightly used running shoes. Remember, stick to only purchasing items you need, and you will be on track to more savings in no time!

Whatever your goals are for 2023, we hope you stick to them by planning ahead, staying motivated by the ones you love, and reminding yourself of the 'future you' who will thank you for your dedication today! Before you know it, you'll be up to 10K steps and enjoying every minute of it!

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Happy New Year’s everyone!

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