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At Heat Holders® we pride ourselves on providing cold weather solutions to meet the needs of our customers, many of whom have been encouraging us to develop base layers. We have answered that call with a layering system that offers 3 levels of warmth: ULTRA LITE™, LITE™, and ORIGINAL™, ranging from warm to warmer, and warmest. Now there is a base layer solution that allows you to enjoy any outdoor activity in any weather condition!

From outdoor set-designers, to traffic cops, grandmothers, athletes, and many others, we have designed our layering system to specifically keep our loyal Heat Holders® community members warm and comfortable, in all types of cold weather conditions.

Heat Holders base layer features - dual brushing, perfect stretch, flat comfort seams, and moisture & odor management.

What are Base Layers?

Base Layers are a Heat Holders® product line specially designed to be worn underneath additional layer(s) of clothing. We offer both bottoms, and tops in crew neck, mock neck and quarter zip styles.

Our Base Layers were developed using our carefully brushed super soft HeatWeaver® yarn to maximize warmth and softness. Our knitting technology adds just the perfect amount of stretch for ease of movement and all day comfort. Flat comfort seams minimize bulk and chafe, and moisture and odor management technology keep you dry, warm and comfortable during any activity.

All Base Layer products offer features that will help you feel warm and comfortable whenever you choose to wear them:

  • Dual Brushing - Using super soft Heatweaver® yarn, we brush the inside and out of our products to maximize warmth and softness.
  • Perfect Stretch - We create the perfect stretch for freedom of movement and fit, using our detailed knitting technology.
  • Flat Comfort Seams - Using carefully finished flat seams, we minimize bulk to create a comfortable non-chafe fit, perfect for layering.
  • Moisture & Odor Management - We keep you drier, fresher, and more comfortable using our reliable moisture and odor management technology.
Heat Holders - three levels of warmth

    Heat Holders® 3 Levels of Warmth

    At Heat Holders® we understand that life can change quickly. That is why we are here to prepare you for all activities and weather conditions, to meet your daily needs - whatever they may be! With 3 insulating levels of warmth, keeping you comfortable is our goal.

    1) ORIGINAL™ Base Layers:

    Our ORIGINAL™ Base Layer technology is used in our heaviest and warmest insulating layers. Both our Tops and Bottoms are ideal for extreme cold conditions - ORIGINAL™ technology has been specifically designed for the coldest of days. Whether for work or for sport, when spending time outdoors in frigid temperatures, our ORIGINAL™ Base Layer technology is the choice for you.

    Some great uses include: competitive or recreational skiers and snowboarders, outdoor investigators or environmental scientists.

    Heat Holders base layer - Lite warmth level

    2) LITE™ Base Layers:

    Our LITE™ Base Layer technology is used in our mid-weight and most versatile insulating layers. Comfortably soft to be worn as a first layer, or as a second layer in very cold weather conditions.

    LITE™ Base Layers are ideal for outdoor explorers, professionals, and the elderly too. From figure skaters, hikers, through to champion snowman builders, our LITE™ warmth level keeps our customers ready for any practice or performance.

    Likewise, LITE™ Base Layers can be used year-round by gym-lovers, runners, soccer stars, and bikers. They are also used often by construction workers, traffic cops, and parcel carriers during the winter or chillier night shifts.

    Heat Holders - Ultra Lite warmth level

    3) ULTRA LITE™ Base Layers:

    Our ULTRA LITE™ Base Layer technology is our lightest-weight insulating layer and is knit into a variety of our Base Layer products including our ULTRA LITE™ Thermal Underwear, Tops, and Bottoms.

    ULTRA LITE™ Base Layers are ideal for everyday cold; for those who work in air-conditioned facilities, factories, skating rinks, science labs or just the home office.

    Additional Base Layers Specifications:

    • 100% polyester (ORIGINAL™ and  LITE™) and 84% polyester/16% elastane (ULTRA LITE™)
    • Machine washable at 40° Celsius (104° Fahrenheit)
    • Made from imported materials

    Remember that whatever your job title or lifestyle includes, prepare yourself by layering up with warmth this winter. Our HeatHolders® Base Layers are here to give you total warmth and comfort.

    Enjoy the weather!



      Glenda Mulkey

      Glenda Mulkey

      Want to get one of your catalogs and check out your products because my son and I like to go hunting and fishing, but sometimes it gets a little to cold for me

      Jacqui Burke

      Jacqui Burke

      Hi Roger! Nice to hear from you!

      You could layer them or, if you need that extra warmth, consider adding one of our midlayer options. Warm, soft, and comfy, and made with our Heatweaver™ lining, our midlayers will probably do the trick:





      Would it be easy to use two of these on top of each other or would it make putting them on a little difficult.

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