Heat Holders welcoming Fall

Welcome to Fall!

The next season is only days away and we have curated some great Fall ideas to get you prepared, inspired and active as the weather begins to drop. Get ready to bask in our fave Fall activities!

Apple Picking

Depending on where you live, apple picking can be a fun way to get out to the countryside, breathe in the crisp air, and collect some delicious reds (or greens!).

Pack ahead for a day outdoors including comfortable walking shoes paired with our ULTRA LITE™ socks, that will snuggle perfectly into tighter footwear, and flexible clothing to be able to reach for those juicy apples high in the trees.

Traveling with kids? Use your creative skills to decorate a few baskets to collect the apples on your journey. Many apple farms also offer wagon rides, corn mazes, and petting zoos to explore as well. Before you leave, try asking for a beloved apple recipe from the local farmers to make the taste of the outing last with you even at home. Yum!

Similarly, a pumpkin patch visit will be just as fun for the family. With the delicious seasonal produce at your fingertips, perhaps a friendly bake-off competition can be arranged. Pumpkin pie anyone?

As the leaves continue to fall, make sure to add other seasonal produce to your autumn taste palette too. Such as farm-fresh carrots, cranberries, squash and Brussels sprouts and have fun experimenting with the flavors of fall.

Heat Holders welcoming Fall - wrap up warm

Fall Exercise Activities

Just because the weather is dropping does not mean your outdoor exercise routine needs to stop. Stay active in the cooler weather by using base layers partnered with your workout gear to effectively compliment your workout.

If you have a yard that needs tending to, try creating a workout routine with the leaf-raking task. This can also be fun with kids. Add some friendly competition and see who can clean up the leaves the quickest or bundle up the biggest leaf pile in the yard.

For added reps, try incorporating planks or wall push-ups between the rakes to add to your cardio routine. If there seem to be more leaves than anticipated, try bulking up your outerwear with our flexible fitting shirt jacket that will be perfect to wear indoors too, as you enjoy a post-workout recovery snack inside.

In need of a longer workout? After piling the leaves, have the kids have fun jumping around in the leaves and get back to working your muscles as you rake them back up again (..and again!).

Fall can be great for running and hiking too. Lower temperatures can lead to a more comfortable running or hiking experience. Spend some time training alone as you work towards personal running goals, or explore hiking the woods with friends and family. In either case, ensure you have proper footwear including our lighter profile ULTRA LITE™ socks for the early autumn weather, and thermal base layers that will help you perform your best outdoors.

During the fall there are also several 5 km and 10 km races and full marathons that are hosted. If this interests you, check your local municipality’s event board and plan ahead to train your body in advance for the long-distance runs.

What is the farthest run you have gone on?

Fall is also the perfect time to attend a Friday Night Lights Football game. This early autumn tradition includes popcorn, cotton candy, games and a spirited football match which can be an exciting full-day experience for all ages.

Cabin, Camping and Day Trips

If spending time out in the woods appeals to your adventurous side, enjoy these trip ideas!

Renting a cabin or visiting a campsite for a week or weekend with family and friends is a great way to get those you love away from routine and exploring new sights.

Pack ahead with hats, socks and throws to keep you and your guests comfortable throughout the trip for both inside the tent or cabin and outdoors.

In the days away, enjoy activities such as hiking, biking, fishing, bird-watching and camp fires. If the cabin area includes it, horse-riding or zip-lining may be offered, or guided tours of the preserved land.

Also, don’t forget to pack reusable water bottles, light snacks, bug and/or bear spray and binoculars to make the most out of your days outside.

Heat Holders welcoming Fall - autumnal celebration

Fall Crafts and Creations

Remember that the beautiful sights of Autumn do not need to just stay outside. Invite some color into your home by creating Fall-inspired indoor decorations.

This arts and crafts task can be done with the kids or without. Collect vibrant leaves and pine cones from the backyard or woods along with household items such as glue and tape and let the fun begin!

Using mason jars, try filling them with precious Fall-finds and add stylish ribbon or bows to the exterior. Add small electronic lights inside the jars and enjoy their glow around your home. Or, use the leaves and pine cones to create a wreath to host on the front door, porch, or hang up in the living room.

With seasonal apples, simply cut out a hole in the top of the apple and insert a tea light. Make sure to not leave the candles unattended as you indulge in the candle’s sweet aroma and vibrant look. With collected acorns or pine cones, paint them in glitter and place around your wreath, wrap around the apple candles, or hang from strings around your living room. Using pumpkins, try painting them instead of carving them. Add on a coat of black chalkboard paint and enjoy writing short messages or inspirational quotes in chalk on the plump pumpkins for all guests to admire.

If these ideas are getting you as excited for fall as we are, make sure you are ready for the season with all the necessary gear, including our beloved hats, gloves, base layers, throws, and socks so you can have fun while comfortable and protected.

Happy fall everyone!


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