Father's Day Barbeque with Heat Holders

It’s almost Father’s Day, again! As pandemic restrictions ease, it’s going to be great to enjoy quality time with Dad on Sunday, June 19th. Many of us are looking forward to kicking back and just hanging out with Dad face-to-face. Maybe you’ve already scheduled a nice brunch or picnic or organized a family dinner.

But if you’re looking for innovative ways to pass the time, here are seven great ideas for activities on Father’s Day:

Schedule A Pottery Session:

Is your Dad a creative hobbyist? Fun for the whole family, go ‘full-on craft’ with a visit to a pottery program. Your Dad will have a great time as you all make your quirky creations. Challenge everyone to fashion Dad’s bust or make a figurine of something he loves.

The resulting artwork will hold a prize place on the mantle for years to come. What will you challenge your family to make?

An Outdoor Competition:

Decide on Dad’s favorite outdoor activity or sport, and invite family and close friends to a day at the park! Make sure to pack some light snacks and water to keep your team of companions hydrated and fueled throughout the day. Whether Dad’s favorite pastime is a game of soccer, golf, or a leisurely bike ride in the neighborhood, grab your group of ‘Dad-fans’, equipment, and head out the door! Of course, keeping a tally of the winning team will always make for extra fun.

What is your dad’s favorite outdoor activity?

A Backyard Scavenger Hunt:

Does Dad have some young kids around that always end up hiding his stuff? Plan for these curious children to create a special ‘Dad-designed’ scavenger hunt for him right in the comfort of your own home! Purchase some of Dad’s favorite essentials such as his go-to candy bar, all-time favorite lottery game, or a new sturdy pair of socks. With the items in hand, create a clue list full of rhymes and riddles for Dad to follow as he hunts for his beloved goodies! Feeling inventive? Try hiding the gifts in places he would least expect, like under the car’s tire, or high up in a tree. Make sure to have a cheat sheet handy for Dad if he just can’t seem to solve your clever riddles and, at the end, award him with a miniature trophy for his great detective skills!

Heat Holders Dragon Family Enjoying Father's Day Together

A Mini-Vacation:

We all could use some quality time off, and that is no joke for Dad either. A week or two before Father’s Day, try asking some probing questions of Dad about where he would like to go for a ‘day-cation’. Without giving away the surprise, plan for Dad to have a day dedicated to doing his favorite activities. This could include a visit to a local winery, a game of golf with his friends, or a family road trip through a national park. Whatever the course of the day looks like, a well thought-out agenda for the eventful day will ensure Dad feels special and taken care of.

Where did you go for your favorite ‘day-cation’?

After all the great time spent outdoors, there may still be room to squeeze in some exciting indoor activities too. If Dad would prefer to spend the day in, enjoy some of these ideas:

Play His Favorite Game:

Dad’s favorite game may be because he is the best at it. If this is so, prepare you and your loved ones for a fun competition. Dad may be an avid chess player, scrabble player, or poker player. Whatever he fancies, make sure your Father’s Day guests are equipped with the game rules prior to the day to ensure a smooth game full of fierce competition. Let the games begin!

It also may be fun to keep handy a small ‘Dad-themed’ prize for each winner. Try awarding Dad’s favorite chocolate bar or a small money prize for a game well played. Will Dad win all the gifts?

Host a Talent Show:

If Dad has any beloved entertainers in the family, invite them to perform as a special treat! Talents are endless, but perhaps one of Dad’s children can sing or play the guitar. If so, find out what Dad’s favorite song is and allot some time prior to Father’s Day to practice the piece. If the house hosts multiple talents, have the kids create a skit to highlight their skills, (whether it be acting, dancing, or magic tricks) into one great show all about Dad’s amazing qualities! For added entertainment, use creative props and costumes and designate an area of your home as a stage to invite the performers, spectators and of course, the guest of honor (Dad), to attend the Ultimate Dad-Themed Talent Show. Don’t forget to give out tickets in advance and have the popcorn ready for the star-studded evening!

Heat Holders Dragon Family Making Food For Father's Day

Cook Dad’s Favorite Meal:

Yum! Whatever nationality or traditions your dad appreciates, make sure to include them in his Father’s Day dinner dish. Having a meal together with loved ones is a fantastic way to end his excitement-filled day. If Dad has a craving for an authentic dish, perhaps from his childhood in another country, try getting cooking advice from his parents or a native cook from his home country. For bonus fun, a call to Grandma or Grandpa may be the best option to ensure his dinner tastes extra authentic. With help from these master chefs, try recreating his favorite dish from home over a Zoom or FaceTime call, and when it’s hot and ready, enjoy the virtual meal online together as well. When the meal is done, don’t forget to clean up after Dad too!

What’s your dad’s favorite dish?

As Father’s Day is a day to celebrate all those special dads out there, it is also a time to reflect on those individuals who have acted as father figures throughout our lives. This can include mentors, teachers, coaches, brothers, friends, uncles or anyone who has made a lasting impact.

Whoever has supported your journey of growth is just as equally deserving of appreciation this Father’s Day. With this in mind, make sure to send well wishes or spend quality time with these individuals too. If a father figure of yours no longer lives close to you, or has passed away, remember to honor them this Father’s Day by celebrating in their name. This may include a visit to the loved one at a cemetery, performing a special ritual or prayer, partaking in their favorite activity with friends and family, or sending a handwritten letter to them from across the world.

However you can today, make the world a warmer place by spreading your positivity. Everyone loves to be thought of. Make sure your father figure feels that way today and every day you can.

Happy Father’s Day!

We hope it’s a special one.


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