Sleep well with Heat Holders

Longer summer days ahead need restful nights to prepare us for them!

How do you make sure you get your best night’s sleep?

From calming face masks, soothing baths, comfortable sleepwear, to what blankets you use, can all have physical and psychological benefits to add to your sleeping routine. Read on for our favorite sleep aids!

Calming Night-time Teas

If you are an avid tea drinker, try consuming a caffeine-free beverage before bed with ingredients proven to have calming neurological effects on the mind and body. Experiment with tasteful herbal teas such as lavender, chamomile, or a citrusy lemon. However, remember to drink the tea a few hours before you sleep, and use the bathroom before heading to bed, to avoid needing to get up in the night to do so.

The Perfect Sleepwear

You know yourself best! How do you like to dress for bed? Are you a shorts and tee kind-of soul, or a socks-on all-night kind-of person?

Whatever you fancy, ensuring clean and comfortable clothing is available before you head off to dreamland will help ensure a solid rest. Fortunately, Heat Holders® has an outstanding array of socks of varying levels of warmth to match your bedroom needs. Also, don’t forget to check out our luxurious all-day robes, and oversized blankets to ensure you have the right temperature your body needs throughout the night.

Heat Holders summer sleep advice

Baths and Warm Showers

Many people have a bathing routine to help them rewind and relax before bed. Did you know that our body temperature is the lowest while sleeping? This is why researchers believe that taking a warm or hot shower or bath an hour or so before bed can help blood circulation run to your extremities (hands and feet), leaving your internal core body temperature lower which is ideal for drifting off to sleep.

Using 2-4 cups of Epsom salt in a full bath can also help your muscles relax before bed, especially if they have been overused, or you are experiencing higher levels of tension or arthritis pain. By helping your body release magnesium, the effects of Epsom salt can act as a natural stress releaser. Reminder, to consult your registered health care practitioner if you have questions related to your specific health status.

Monitor Bedroom Screen Time

Research studies over the last few years have suggested that with the increase of technology used throughout the day, it is important to avoid over usage before bed. Blue light emitted from our electronic devices trick our brains into believing we are still experiencing the daytime hours, which can affect our body’s circadian rhythm and natural production of the melatonin hormone, which is needed to sleep. Not to mention, keeping your phone close by can keep your brain psychologically engaged as you try to fall asleep. Sleep scientists suggest keeping notifications off through the night or putting your phone away in a different room to avoid temptations to check your phone for updates. Although helpful in the day, to provide efficiency and entertainment, phones can offer opposite benefits at night.

Rest well with Heat Holders

Other Common Sleep Tips

Although each body’s needs are individualistic and can vary greatly depending on age, occupation, lifestyle, and location, try out these tips that may lead you to getting the best rest you’ve been waiting for!

  • Avoid eating large meals right before bed to leave time for your digestive system to rest too.
  • Include physical activity in your daily routine to promote better sleep, but try not to work out too close to bedtime which may overstimulate you as you try to fall asleep due to endorphin release.
  • Limit caffeine intake too close to night-time and try to complete most challenging tasks earlier in the day.
  • Try to stick to the same sleep schedule to keep your brain and body on a routine cycle.
  • Be cautious about napping during the day, to have your body ready to sleep for an entire night.
  • Include relaxing yoga poses and stretches before bed to calm your mind and muscles.

Whatever routine and tricks work best for you, we hope you have a restful night’s sleep! Remember, to always contact your doctor first if you experience any serious sleep issues or have specific concerns.

Good night!

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