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Just how much warmth will you need this Saturday?

From Saturday shopping errands, to taking the dog on a good long walk, to celebrations of all sorts, we always recommend planning ahead for the weekend’s wonderful events and forecasts!

In the late winter, it’s a little difficult to know what you’ll need to wear. From clearing out the garden, to chipping stubborn ice, to walking the dog, to heading out with a long list of stores to stop into, to visiting the grandparents in the ‘burbs, there are endless things to do on Saturdays! 

That’s why Heat Holders® has curated simple yet effective gear to keep you warm and dry while you adventure through the weekend and regardless of what the weather throws at you! Here are some style options to consider:

The Kids Birthday Party 

Do you have plans to take young ones to a birthday party this weekend? Stand out amongst the parents while staying cozy with the stylish and practical Hybrid Jacket! This comfortable mid layer is made with HeatWeaver® lining to keep you warm for the whole event, whether by itself or layered if the weather turns cold.

Made for both women and men, this jacket is extremely versatile.It has an all-weather resistant woven shell on the body that's designed to help keep you drier and warmer in wet and windy conditions and the wind-resistant shell repels moisture while maintaining breathability. The stretch fleece sleeves and side panels allow you to scoop up those kids and swing them around with comfort!

The In-And-Out Of The Mall Outfit:

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Do you have to run to the store this Saturday? It’s often not cold enough for a full winter jacket on a Saturday afternoon in late winter and winter coats bulky and uncomfortable when getting in and out of the car a lot. The Hybrid jacket will work wonders for letting rushing into the store quickly and in comfort and won't make you overheat if you get stuck in line!

How about a handy pair of touch screen gloves! If your hands feel the cold (mine do!),  the Men’s Waterton and the Women’s Quinn gloves are made with HeatWeaver® lining for cool to cold weather warmth. 

If you’re hopping in the car with your hands on the chilly steering wheel, catching the bus, hitting up the pet store, or at the local home improvement yard, these gloves will surely come in handy with their touch screen fingertips that allow you to check your to do list or pay with your phone without having to remove your hands from your gloves (and have your fingers get cold)!

Handy-Around-The Home Gear:

Are you in charge of the outdoor chores this Saturday? If so, there is no need to fear the chills with the right Heat Holders ® gear! 

Firstly, start your outfit with Heat Holders® ULTRA LITE™ base layers to get that extra edge against the chill. The added moisture and odor management will keep you dry for hours too, even for active tasks such as shoveling the snow or finally finishing up that DIY renovation out in the garage. 

Toestie fixing some siding on the side of the house.

Next, take a look at the temperature. If it’s going to feel really cold in the morning, layer your Hybrid jacket under your winter coat…and then you can remove the outer coat as you warm up in the afternoon sun! 

Don’t forget your head! Keep your mind on the task and keep your ears warm by choosing the  Women’s Alesund or Men’s Atlas hats. Lined with the plush HeatWeaver® lining, these no nonsense beanies come in multiple colors and will keep your head warm even if a chilly wind picks up.

No matter what the late winter throws at you in terms of changeable weather, Heat Holders® has you covered with a wide selection of accessories and apparel!

We hope you enjoy your Saturday as much as we will!

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